The Community Manager, from A to Z

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Tuesday, 02 April 2013 11:00

In February 2010, we published in # TcBlog the 7 Cs of Community Manager : seleccionábamos as critical of this professional profile Content, Honey 2.0, Culture, Conversation, Creativity, Character and Constancia. In the comments, you, the followers of the blog, we aportasteis many "Ces" more: Proximity, Coherence, capacity, quality, Curiosity, 'Cool', MPH, Co ...

Time passes, and the figure of the Community Manager is also evolving, taking new roles and functions, and dodging the " attacks "that plagues this figure booming. What does having a good Community Manager? What new roles are being taken? What defines you? Let's try the full alphabet!

Community manager acts as a referee between the community and the brand. He knows all that is said about it: no browsing, but that dives deep into the web to keep up with the comments and reviews that are poured over it. Join the discussion: is the voice of the brand to customers and the feedback must inform the company thereof. One of its main tasks is dynamic: will endeavor to provide content to the community, to maintain active conversations about their products / services. Not enough to publish and count the "I like", but must listen and be empathetic to understand the needs of the people, to strengthen their engagement. Your effort will reward the loyalty of the fan community.

It is the voice of the brand but can afford a wink copys kind that humanize the brand image and converts it into an institution closer to his followers. So they showed us a few days ago and Oreo Kit Kat .

In Social Media, instantaneity is a great value: people want answers and want "and" Fortunately, this requirement is often accompanied by a greeting if attention has been rapid.

The Community manager knows the fashion: the jargon of their own community and the emerging, the 'Ke Ola Ase' and memes of the moment. As an apprentice of "waxing, wax off", his skill will allow you to bypass karate blows trolls appear willing to build a reputation crisis.

Learn, learn and want to keep learning: read (news, blogs, comments ...) will allow us to increase our knowledge and training, knowing the developments affecting our work as soon as they occur. There you browse, read and soak sponge which all industry developments.

If there is a task that defines the daily work of the Community Manager is monitoring: have to open your ears to be constantly aware of what is said about the brand, how you say, where it says, who says it, is there any client willing to defend your brand? Do they say something negative, without foundation? Then the Community manager must breathe and relax: at all times is essential to control the nerves and not be swayed by a first impulse.

A careful spelling is fundamental: the community manager writes on behalf of a brand and therefore must polish the most of your messages, review them one, two, three or as many times as it takes before publishing to make sure it does not contain any mistake. As they say, "misspellings are Internet halitosis".

Being first is important to arrive before anyone , becoming a pioneer when it comes a new social network, keep abreast of developments in the emerging digital environment or in which the company operates, and discuss the new possibilities offered that release.

Finally, depending on the type of business, every day of the Community Manager can reduce the response of consumer complaints: attend to provide a fast and effective solution (and satisfying for both parties) are responsibilities that fall on the Community Manager . Because many people complain about a problem with a brand, but there are also those who value the good care provided by the Community manager concerned.

Temperance is one of the four cardinal virtues, also necessary in the Community manager: be moderate and sober, not be swayed by emotion and temper also know the minds of the followers.

Any gift over? Yes, ubiquity. But digital clear handle with ease know every social platforms where officially present their brand, and meet other listening to what is said about them the brand, or to be designing a possible strategy if relevant open a profile there. Wherever is the brand should strive to form a community with vitality , where people talk and interact: a living community.

We are digital: the www we carry in our genes, birth or adoption. But that does not make a community manager in an X-Men: The Community Manager will not have (or should have) superpowers. In their professional performance will encounter many people willing to put them to trip: if this is your case, remember the Russian proverb: "Fall is permitted, up is required"


Forbes was premier in creative territory

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World & Business - Marketing
Monday, 01 April 2013 18:15

We have already released the Spanish edition of Forbes and creative territory we have had the presence of Andres Rodriguez , editor of the magazine and founder and president of SpainMedia Magazines. During the # TcDesayunos of February 22, Andres presented exclusively launching this publication.

Forbes is for those who have a business for entrepreneurs. Not for the rich.

Andres Rodriguez


Happy Days are Here Again!

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World & Business - Marketing
Monday, 01 April 2013 15:05

In the curriculum of all jobs are in the works of dams Fort Peck and Grand Coulee built by the Roosevelt administration.

Before joining the Zaragoza plant, the Balay retired worked for Tennessee Valley Authority .

During the 30s the Food Distribution Program and the Volunteers of America responsible for Soup kitchens distributed food to the millions of families that the Great Depression left without income, eight decades after The Great Food Collection La Caixa kilo of food donated by each "like" on its Facebook app.

"Little cameras" Coca-Cola recorded in a 90-second spot human kindness of Frank Capra gave the people of Bedford Falls in It's a Wonderful Life

"Where there are two fit three" IKEA Swedish design decorated with the drama around the parental home to both American and Spanish young families lived.

These campaigns, massive funding , community building and other features of modern communication are inspired by the values ​​pursued by public policy - and audiovisual products - emerged during the series of economic measures taken by the U.S. government to mitigate the effects of the Great Depression. Positivism is the star of both ads refreshments as banks, Mr. wonderful and other designers naïf filled with messages "happy" from social networks to coffee cups.

But happiness own editorial line New Deal 2.0 seems real or perceived foreign optimism?

Does it make sense that the spot Fofito Campofrío the clown becomes a sort of Teddy Roosevelt that exhorts us to see the good side of a tricky social reality? A furniture company can emulate the communication department that was responsible for disseminating the virtues of perseverance and the eagerness of the New Deal?

In a way, yes. If we go beyond the first emotions aroused somewhat tear these ads we can see that we return to the intention to sell, but not "turkey ham" or shelf "BILLY", but sales overall consumption because if it drops everything - production, employment, social benefits - falls.

The measures of the New Deal sought to job creation - making for it a significant public spending - to consume these new workers and reactivate the economy in an attempt to return to the happy days before the Crash of '29, but in this century and this decade who will be the Public Works Administration ? brands collected over from the administrative body and will bring back the "happy days" and avoiding the Grapes of Wrath ?

* Header image: Norman Rockwell cover for the Saturday Evening Post magazine.


The crowdfunding has no superpowers

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Wednesday, 27 March 2013 10:32

The crowdfunding is fashionable. Every week we receive any news related to crowdfunding: a project that succeeds spectacularly like Veronica Mars , a product supported by this type of funding that appears in some electronics fair as the Pebble or some evolution and / or improved technology products as Ouya .

Given this, we can see some facts:

- The crowdfunding is not just gadgets. Gadgets are products with great appeal to the public and there is a huge community of online geeks waiting for the invention of a new device that offers unprecedented services and functions. So when a new gadget appears on Kickstarter or similar, the great geek community disseminated across multiple platforms and value his opinion of the project.

However, we must not forget that the crowdfunding also has created art projects for bands like Marillion or Emet ; film projects as Alpha, Veronica Mars, the Cosmonaut , or production as director 'Tricks' of the actor Ruben Ochandiano, besides journalism projects as "Els Silencis Mediàtics, 2012" .

- The crowdfunding is a method of financing. No more adjectives to add. It can be very quick in raising funds if there is a large community of fans around the product, but has no superpowers : if you can not build a community around the product concerned, it is likely that the target funding project is hardly achievable.

-The crowdfunding is for projects of all sizes. Found large projects such as the Form 1 (impresoaras project to create high resolution 3D) or the Rift Oculus (project to create a pair of high-end virtual reality gaming). However, well-managed small projects also have their place like Jordi Pérez Colomé in Verkami , with which it has funded the creation of a newspaper report.

-The Internet crowdfunding has promoted digital creativity and innovation. Has encouraged the creation of all types of projects and initiatives, has changed the way of addressing the small donor and has motivated the creation of a hierarchy of incentives to the financier (as Kickstarter), which encourages donations from supporters of the project, as it may receive from the symbolic appreciation of the creators of the project for a few dollars to reception of prototypes, meetings with the creators of the projects or parties filing invitacionesa Product in case your "donation" is very generous.

What conclusions can we draw about making a successful project based on crowfunding by Internet?

We can define three main keys of a successful project:

      1. It must be a project that guarantees quality and planning.
      2. It should be attractive and have the potential to capture the attention of the media.
      3. You must have a community involved and supporter of the project or a great ability to attract new funders. Significant example is the video that made ​​the creator of the series Veronica Mars. Knowing that there was a remarkable community of fans of the series, convinced of the original cast to record a video as a teaser on Kickstarter. Remember also that the incentives were curious and interesting for the fans, and custom messages ranging from audio and video of the protagonists to the opportunity to appear in a scene from the film with a quote. I leave you with the quirky video call Veronica Mars fans:

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