Will Google + satiate our appetite?

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Wednesday, 03 August 2011 10:54

Cooking Laboratory

To find friends, write messages of 140 characters, for professionals, unemployed, for those of ventilation points, for those over 40, photo sharing, cat, dog, pet, for musicians, so handsome (yes, only good-looking) to tie for athletes to farmers (building on the success of Farmville), to political issues and even neighborhoods. There are social networks for all kinds of people. But there are people for so many social network?

Imagine that every social network is the kitchen of a house and contents and the possibilities offered are breadcrumbs, which aims to feed as many users as possible-mice. On the floor spread bread crumbs and food scraps, hoping to attract the hungry mice. More and more kitchens and each provides food for all tastes. Some mice do not conform to a type of crumb and go over a kitchen to try other flavors, while others have come to a pan in a particular cuisine, and is eaten every day.

For though a social network offering a few crumbs of the most succulent, mice do not have to go eat. This is what I recently read a story by Lydia Davis, and I wanted to share here. The story, entitled The mice, begins: "The mice live in our walls but do not bother us in the kitchen. We are happy but do not understand why not enter the kitchen, where we placed traps, whereas they enter the kitchen of our neighbors. Although we are happy, we are also concerned that the mice behave as if our kitchen had a bad thing. And most puzzling thing is that our house is much less clean the houses of our neighbors. More food waste in our kitchen, more crumbs on the counters, more waste greasy onion kicked and thrown under the cabinets. (...) May venture a few steps, but soon the impressive sight and smell them back into their holes, uncomfortable and ashamed of not being able to take away as they should. "

That is the metaphor, the Internet spread tasty bread crumbs, onions and other remains of food. Each social network opens the doors of your kitchen mice, but some remain empty, or not get as many visits as you might expect. And, conversely, other social networks spread always the same bread crumbs, sometimes of lower quality than those of their neighbors, but the mice have been used to eat there and know how to "take away" at their range.

Google+ Anillo para atraerlos a todos But beyond the battle of the kitchens, there is also a struggle to find the social network that gets "bring them all" global cuisine, in which we accommodate all mice, regardless of our dietary needs. Google + menu is probably the most complete that has been offered so far as they complete the experience of joining a social community with the Universe Google (Gmail, Maps, +1, AdWords, YouTube, Android, Blogger, Analytics, etc). So in its first month of life has attracted some 28 million users. But once you've tested your crumbs, traffic (in the U.S.) has fallen in the last week by 3%.

The success of Google + reminds me of the experiment of Pavlov's dog : In recent months, Google has been ringing the bell for the creation of a social network, so that at the time of its launch, our salivary glands will be activated automatically and our gastric juices were ready to devour the new platform. And he did it.

In March, a rumor that Google would launch a new social network, called by then Circles , when the rumor came true in late June, the access was restricted by invitation. Thus, through blogs, tweets and news in specialized media, are being released all its possibilities. Meanwhile, no invitations were still those with gastric juices revolutionized.

Without wishing to beating a dead horse, also the launch of Buzz or Wave, considered the great failures of Google, aroused much expectation. In the first two days of Buzz, for example, issued 9 million messages per minute and 200 comments. And, remember this article , also were polishing details on the fly, as is happening with Plus.

Now, like mice, we point to assess the quality of the crumbs that offers Google +: You must decide if we visit the new kitchen and we were in it, given the abundance and variety of food offered to us, if we stay where we are because, after all, there already know we like your crumbs, or if we add one more daily menu variety of social networks.

It is now a month later, when we test the effectiveness of classical conditioning: Google has managed to make us salivate at the launch of Plus, but satisfy our appetite?

Images: Cooking Laboratory and own with + Me and Wikipedia