What about advertising on Twitter?

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Thursday, 07 June 2012 10:14
Quiero dinero

Do you advertise me?

Twitter and news. They advertise things are forgotten, re-advertise. The changes do not stop coming. And of course there is always a redesign that appears all of a sudden. That and purchases of many companies, some with more sense than others.

Now with the IPO everyone is talking about Facebook and its advertising model (usually not very well). I think it's back to talking about the model of Twitter and its revenue forecasts.

The latest sales forecasts eMarketer stood at 1,000 million dollars in 2014 . Growth being much faster than expected. Why? Costolo (its CEO) ensures that the keys to success is the high levels of engagement of users with advertisers and the media receive large amounts of traffic.

How does the advertising model for Twitter?

Makes a little over a year I wrote about this same , by way of review:

  • Promoted Accounts. Recommends Twitter users related accounts to grow in size. Thus, we get more visibility paying curiously services had done before.
  • Promoted Tweets. Whether in the searches (Did someone say "AdWords"?) Or the timeline, we can turn to our fans or similar users. A year ago I was in beta. There follows.
  • Promoted Trends. For that, Sponsored Trending Topics. We've all seen one. What state are you? In beta, as one year ago.
  • Enhanced Profile Pages. The only new product from the list: Pages business with the possibility of including a header image and highlight a tweet.
What stands out? Well, in one year is only one new product (here normal). But it is strange that 2 of these 3 remain in the same state a year ago. Well, not exactly, but close. It is very common on Twitter, advertise things that do not quite reach, as the analytical system, which I, at least, I'm looking forward to.
However, there have been some interesting changes that give some hope that throughout this year we finally have things a little clearer.

Does the long tail? The shift of SMEs

Until quite recently, all advertising of Twitter was focused on large budgets. In order to be considered had to have a minimum budget of $ 5,000 per month. This is one of the most important changes: more modest budgets also have their place. We request information with budgets from 0 to $ 4,999.

A market would be huge for Twitter SMEs. Not only is it necessary to accommodate lower budgets with needs-segmentation in most cases tighter than the big brand-but you also have to make life easier to manage the budget and not have to go filling out forms . Ideally, a self-style Facebook or AdWords. Something that is more or less, under way for some time ( announced in late 2011 ) and that since March the holders of American Express can start testing the system.

Shortly after throwing a user guide specifically designed for SMEs . Will we see this year definitely how it extends to the world, with or without American Express?

Fragmented experience

How many of you reading this you use Twitter from an official application or from Twitter.com? Although according to the source data changes, it is undeniable that a large proportion of users using different applications, both mobile and web. Ask an advertising system that leaves everyone happy is not easy. And unify the user experience seems essential. More than a year that can not develop new clients for Twitter , a move that many developers did not sit too well.

¿Will fit on mobile devices?

The million dollar question. With the release of Facebook stock have been many doubts. One is if the mobile advertising work in an acceptable manner. The markets seem to have an answer.

For now we have the ads we see on Twitter the Android and iPhone with the same basic idea as other products for advertisers: Be relevant to the user and not too intrusive (we discard them). In principle (and without seeing, clear-), it appears that mobile advertising can fit Twitter better than Facebook, but to be seen.

Can we expect a new advertising model? What is the balance between Paid Media and Equity?

¿Content or Advertising? ¿Content for extra visibility?

The pure display based on segmentation based on demographics and interests who are using Facebook or Myspace does not seem to be the solution. Are as usual with some added. Advertising in social networks has not finished finding your site: we put it on the timeline?

Twitter seems to try something different if only in language (charge for engagement, not clicks). And, of course, is taking it easy. Will they receive stronger pressure from investors now, this year? At the moment I can only hope that if I return next year to write about the same have a few novelties to tell.

So far social networks have been unable to find a new model that is radically different from traditional media: Facebook advertising reads more like a media company than a new social advertising.

Will it change the rules Twitter game?

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Image | Lida Rose