What do we mean when we refer to Twitter Commerce?

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Thursday, 31 May 2012 10:28

Let's face it, the actual sale of products and services through social media is not easy. So say Patrick Spenner and Karen Freeman in his article on how to dismantle the myth of what our customers really want: "They do not want a" relationship "with our brand. Only us to help them make good decisions. "

This reflection, together with the sad idea that success stories are still mentioning about selling and promoting products and services on Twitter are 2008-case Dell Outlet - were dilating vessels to make an effort to collect and reflect on around the t-commerce, if any.

I recognize that my cynicism about these tags can and therefore far from tips and advice or information on the evolution of social commerce , I wanted to compile a set of trends and real actions of t-commerce aimed ways. Some case studies favor direct sales, the vast majority simply power generating leads or product promotion. But ultimately, everyone should promote improvements in the experience and social links with our consumers. Please note:

A. - The social reward to the purchaser. American Express has partnered with Twitter to allow its customers to synchronize their AMEX card payment directly to the platform and launch a campaign with big discounts sister brands, including: McDonalds, Whole Foods and TicketMaster. The operation is very simple. Only with a hashtag tweet deal specifically with the partner company and is loaded into the customer's account the percentage off coupon.

In this case there are two very positive points to consider: The alliance of technology and innovation in payment systems between Twitter and American Express, smoothly and on the other hand, enhance customer value and making the purchase through microblogging network.

In this line, are still flourishing new specific payment platforms such as Twitter Chirpify .

2. - Innovation in procurement processes. NIKE has implemented for now only in USA, a backup system of special editions of their most prized shoes. Sending a DM to the Nike special retail along with a model hashtag in your book promotion is done automatically.

The points inspired the Nike campaign include the ability to integrate the user's normal social behavior, in order DM's-buying process. At the same time delivering value to the social network Twitter as the consumer gets the exclusivity through this platform.

3. - The virality as the new currency. Pay with a tweet is a social system of payment that allows the promotion of products and content, especially ebooks, music, movies, etc.., through a social icon set of "Pay With A tweet "with the users to" buy "products viralizarlo change in their networks.

In this case, the currency is not economic but rather digital impact and reputation. Following this initiative, and are located similar business models as Pagarconuntweet.com that lets you download this simple program to pay for your product.

. 4 - The flight of TWAM . FNAC decided to open a specific account @ FNACofertas towards a "clean timelime." The most common and nearby businesses do today is introduce a percentage of content about products, offers, contests, sweepstakes, services, etc. within its publishing plan.

This practice helps drive traffic to the platforms of purchase and promote products, but not enough to implement a real social commerce Twitter. A product tweets abuse may cause the mark to become Spam on Twitter (what is known as TWAM) for current and potential social clients.

5. - The Active Social CRM. With ' Come to Telstra 'Creative Territory a strategy of listening to music through his Twitter account specifically for the ATC. In just one week reached more than 10,000 conversations monitored and conducted 3,500 commercial activities.

As Kevin explains Sigliano, Director of Partnerships Tc, about the Social CRM "the main challenge is to provide useful answers to the social consumer in the 4 areas of business (support, marketing, sales and innovation)."

6. - From customer conversion. In SEUR , a leader in the courier, we are implementing their digital strategy in social media with a strong emphasis on customer service via Twitter. In just one quarter and has managed to generate qualified traffic to the social web and selling SEUR 4%.

2.0 The ATC also improve the relationship with the customer predisposes him to have a positive attitude towards the brand and its products. In SEUR, ATC occupies 60% of mentions on Twitter aimed at dealing with questions, issues and suggestions of its customers. In addition, through his Twitter account and store locator in Facebook, seeks to dedicate a space to retailers with the visibility and promotion of local offers franchise SEUR network.

Is 2012 the year of t-commerce take off? These trends demonstrate that the social recommendation , the social grapfh or couponing platforms are now a reality on Twitter? Nike Will a good "ROI on Twitter" with exclusive sneaker book? We will continue to watch in the meantime, I love that I make life easy making sure my pair of Nike sneakers Safari with a DM.

And needless to say: Open season for you to share with us cases of t-commerce reference!

Image Source: Flickr Matt Hamm