Happy World Internet Day

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Friday, 17 May 2013 14:17

Today, May 17, we celebrate the World Day Internet . The event aims to show the potential of new technologies to improve the standard of living of the people and its citizens.

This event has been held since 2005 in Spain, provides an opportunity to encourage and facilitate access to the Information Society of the unconnected and the disabled. Also draws on experience gained in Spain to promote the celebration of Internet Day in other countries.

This edition of 2013 we hit close to creative territory, not only because it is sponsored by one of our customers, Openbank , but because one of the projects in which we work - supported by Neoris - two years ago has been awarded in the Education category. It is Educacontic a draft where a group of teachers about their experiences with ICT in the classroom. From here our appreciation to the entire team of teachers and their coordinator, Aníbal de la Torre .


Social Employee Engagement

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World & Business - Marketing
Thursday, 16 May 2013 13:31

Social Googling What is Employee Engagement? We found a post by Marina Marseille - Waking Passions, Employee Engagement -. This post describes perfectly what the Employee Engagement: an effort by members of a voluntary organization that generates a commitment to the organization. There is no better summary saying that a happy worker is much more productive.

But today we will give a new twist to this concept by incorporating the social part, the part where you need to create a participatory network, collaborative and where compromise has to be 360 °. In creative Territory believe that the Employee Engagement - engagement a member of the organization - and the volunteer effort to be excellent depends on good, strong and effective communication.

The numbers and statistics show that levels of commitment in many organizations are really low, as shown by the study The State of the Global Workplace. A worldwide study of employee engagement and wellbeing conducted by Gallup Consulting. With a sample of 47,361 employees in 120 countries, data reveal that only 11% of workers are engaged, compared to 69% who are not and 27% who are completely disconnected from the company.

If we try to do a translation into an economic context, this means billions of dollars in losses due to low productivity, since there is a strong correlation between employee engagement and productivity of the organization, and operation of all sectors of economy.

A low commitment from the members of our company, we generated two problems: a disgruntled and low productivity.

How Does this commitment?

As said above, with a good system of internal communication and creating channels for effective team participation and consider possible business decisions.

Two good participation generators - and as a starting point in the overall task of Employee Engagement - are collected, among others, in the Forbes It's Time to Rethink Employee Engagament:

  1.   Do not treat all opinions in the same way.'s Important for workers to work their own credibility. It is important that members of the company have a duty to be opinion leaders within their teams and the company as a whole, with this formula move those interested and committed to those most disconnected and encouraged them to participate.
  2. Insist on personal responsibility. Challenging to assume more responsibility and accountability to create a contract, that is, replacing a sense of entitlement by a sense of empowermemnt. Give tools to empower their actions shows a bilateral, ie shows a confidence from the structural part of the company. This empowerment easy to create a strategic within the organization, ie clarifies where you can go.

Another key that facilitates participation and therefore the commitment of all members of an organization is to show the workers as the backbone of the solutions, reinforcing their roles and their opinions.

All these these practices can start creating a good communication system. This system must be original, attractive and easy to use for members of the company. No use having a suggestion box intratet typical or boring. Be creative and see the endless options that the world of Social Media offers us right now. From a Facebook group , a platform where they can develop their personal brand - as TcBlog - or a platform or collaborative network which contributes to work collaborative and participatory culture: TCPlus .

Not find a proper closure, I am of the view that the debate should not be closed, all organizations should pursue the happiness of their workers through a Engagement with it. At the end of the day, we spent many hours playing functions and a team that we should all be committed. If that commitment is not born of us intrinsic motivation organizations try from extrinsic agents increase this Engagement, demos and tools we increase the participation of our equipment to reach a commitment linked to motivation 3.0 - human beings have also the momentum to learn, to create and to improve the world in which we live.


Paid Media: ¿Can’t buy me love?

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World & Business - Marketing
Tuesday, 14 May 2013 11:25

"Or how ads on Facebook are part (but not all) of a strategy on Facebook."

"How very invasive! I do not want to get the new product appears [Brand] in my timeline! If I never see the ads! Nobody clicks on ads on Facebook! "

Does it sound familiar?

Facebook has entered the first quarter 1,110 million Euros so it appears that someone does is clicking on these ads. It is a mistake to think that what a person believes, as also saying 900 million social network users (about 20 million in Spain). The Fourth Annual Survey of Social Networks IAB highlights - in fact - that of the users interviewed, 17% say they have decided to follow a brand after seeing it advertised on the networks.

If the ads annoy users, whose fault is that?

Imagine a 24 year old woman who loves the M83, Citizens, The XX and made "Like" recently on the website of the city of Murcia. Are you going to bother an ad for a music festival that takes place in this city and you have in your poster similar groups? Maybe not so much, right? But that same person you get a family car ad safe for large family. Maybe not even set in this announcement, or if you see it - actually - it will be invasive and irrelevant. To get that have relevance metrics that estimate, measure and optimize campaigns to avoid impacting audiences be wrong.

Measurable Results

The beauty of online marketing is that success (or failure) are measurable and demonstrable: through metrics like impressions, reach, CTR (click through rate), CPF (cost per fan), CPA (cost per action), CPC (cost per click), we can make decisions and optimize our investment in paid media.

There are many factors to take into account when conducting a campaign of paid media on Facebook and results vary extremely by sector, country, target group, time of year and other factors that may influence a given time, to if it's sunny or snowing! I do not like getting wet with figures, but today I'll make an exception giving an approximation of what a fan should cost and other metrics: a successful campaign (again, by sector, objectives, creativity, country, etc..) Could have a metric that ranging between 0.60 CPF € to 5 € (on a study of Syncapse, determine the value of the fan from the point of view of the Head of Marketing at 134 €), a CPA (where an action can be a share, one viewing video, etc.) 0.5 0.1 € €, and from CTR of 2.5%. These are loose numbers, and any data taken out of context, they have little meaning by themselves, but serve to give an idea to anyone not used to manage campaigns.

The important thing for success is that the ads "tell the truth to those who want to hear" and that users find the page that were promised in the ad. If in addition the wall of the page provides quality content, relevant and a good level of interaction is likely to fan do you get to stay.

Another aspect to consider is where does the ad? In general, users of Facebook want to stay in the network and an ad that will "pull" there tends to give worse results. In this case, it is important to make clear in the copy of the ad that will be redirected off the grid to avoid paying for clicks frustrated.

In the case of sending traffic to a website, it is now possible to measure tangible results with pixels that trackean conversion destination web and attributed to the announcement posted on Facebook.

Finally, as for any media format, copy and call to action play a role, but this would give for another post (while these tips for an effective advertising you can be useful).

In any case, do not panic: the power editor , the management tool Facebook ads will - after a period of familiarization and learning - your new best companion campaign optimization.

Schedule a paid media campaign

Any campaign of paid media has to have a pre-planning:

  • What do I get?
  • How much money I want to invest?
  • What is my objective of CPF?
  • Who is my target?

Facebook offers many targeting options, formats and solutions, as well as a way to ensure that our campaign successful. This lies in learning how to handle different advertising offers social network.

Segmentation, formats and why Facebook is constantly innovating with new products

Last year, advertising constituted 84% of the benefits of Facebook. A more than enough incentive to continue innovating in advertising offer.

This past year has seen the birth of new segmentation proposals that help to approach the desired relevance:

  • Custom Audience : can target ads based on the advertiser's database and identifying data across users based web presence (with email or phone user). This segmentation allows impact with specific ads knowing that these users have had previous contact with the firm poster. From there you can make sub-groups based on buyers database, unfinished baskets, customers who are not fans of the page yet, loyalty club members, etc..

  • Lookalike audiences : on the hypothesis that users with custom profile similar to your audience will probably also interested in your page. Allows users to reach customers similar to your current. Gimmick Facebook to encourage advertisers to launch with custom audience? Perhaps ... a way to impact the fans of your competitors? Too.

  • Partner categories (fresh from the oven in the U.S.): Facebook, along with a network of partners, provides an additional source of information on user habits.

What if I do not invest in paid media?

Last year we began to notice a 40% drop in range of publications not promoted due to the change of Edge Rank algorithm Facebook. What does it mean? That no advertising investment, the scope of hearing to be any publication on the wall of a page is equal to or less than 16% of the community that continues to this page. All for the sake of the user as Facebook and to protect the sacred significance. "Fair enough". The online advertising becomes almost an obligation and that is reflected in the sector. According SocialMediaExaminer, in 2013, 65% of those responsible for marketing have paid increased its budget in half .

So you can buy love ...

... Or are we relying too much on the ads on Facebook?

To create a community - by many investment made ​​- without a good community management ; appropriate content for the community you want entroncar, a solid strategy and structuring actions of revitalization and share creative , with fans who get paid average will not remain as they arrive at our not find there what they were promised.

Necessity is the mother of innovation.

When it took you to read this post, Facebook has probably thought of new ways to monetize their social network and not fail to innovate: Graph ads within search , ads in video format and charging cost per share are their latest projects.


In search of the 'Top of mind' through the contents

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World & Business - Marketing
Monday, 13 May 2013 13:50

What do they have in common Coca-Cola , Epson , ING , Fagor , Starbucks , El Corte Ingles , Movistar , Iberia , Benetton , Idealistic and Banco Popular ?

All large international companies (probably) took the top spot in the Spanish consumer mind if we ask for a brand of each sector to which they belong.

But if you clicked on the links of each, you will have guessed that the common point that I would like to address today is that all these leading companies have integrated in your marketing plan strategies online content via blogs with thousands monthly visits have become a weapon to place these companies on the podium of the brands to customers and prospects, in what is called Top of Mind.

Many companies came generating content for years , for example magazines in paper on which were similar to creating a storytelling now generating their corporate blogs but with a far lower cost and much higher. And this is not new, in the online world we read about the importance of content but there are still businesses, and even some sector, sleepy who have not found a way to generate it.

How a corporate blog helps us to put ourselves in that coveted Top of Mind?  

  • The interesting content become the brand generating these publications in a brand interesting basic rule applying the principle of SC (common sense!). Like when developing your media plan analyze the interests of your customers to invest in media they consume your customers, be clear about your interests public is essential before developing the editorial plan. What do you read your target, how is your leisure, what it eats, what drink, what sports practice, where to go on vacation, with whom consultation before making a buying decision?
  • The payload is valued content. Read something that solves a need or respond to a question or ignorance, provides the satisfaction of our readers, who probably will.
  • Our blog is generating content for other social networks, yet another avenue for potential customers we have in mind. On the other hand it is also important to attract readers, our other social profiles bring traffic to our blog.
  • Most blogs post information daily reference which only benefits your SEO, content closer to the public today and remind him that mark is there, alive and kicking with interesting stories.
  • Good content is distributed only the power of recommendation is critical to our publications reach many minds.

The importance of publishing plan

But how do companies face content generation? Speaking of your products? From their employees? From their customers? Did his philosophy? From their figures? Did experience around your products? Let us see what publishing trends.

The new medium (2.0) and the setting in which they move today marks with great competition for attention, care makes publishing plan in this environment is more important than ever.

When I talk to friends who are out of the world of marketing and explain that among other things I do to plan content for blogs to large enterprises , one of the reactions I hear is: "Oh, and you publish the new products and news about the company? "Nope, usually do not talk about brands themselves (or each other), we talk about the issues of interest to consumers.

  • Let's talk about us. Of course the blog can be our means to publish our news, but if we talk about reaching the top of mind for our customers - such as industry benchmark - will help not to look over both the navel. Therefore editorial weight own brand is generally low. Do not forget that the web is where we talk about products and is on the blog where we try to peripheral issues.
  • Talk to them. Earlier we talked about the importance of knowing the tastes and interests of our clients have a clear point defines the heavier publishing - talk about what interests them -. For example, you are a real estate, what matters to people looking for home? Analyze keywords and you will realize that there are many bargain hunters, but tips to understand a scripture is content that will be useful and enhance the brand.
  • Talk like them.'s Tone and style we also mark the attributes of our clients, lineados with our brand strategy and channel characteristics.

Obviously we live in a paradigm shift, not only Coca-Cola advertising puts your product in the media that your customers like they talk about what they like to create their own, without intermediaries. And so we see as one of their most popular posts is " The best films of laughter "Where we speak here of the product? Nowhere, but surely the person responsible for bringing the drink to shoot home movies come to mind would bring Coca-Colas ... ;-)

If you want to delve into the steps to create a blog I recommend this post , and if content strategy what interests you be sure to read the blogs of two great masters in the field: Ivan Fanego and Gonzalo Martín .

Image: JD Hancock

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