Investing is becoming easier with Android IG

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Tuesday, 19 March 2013 20:57

We are increasingly we've succumbed to the power of smart phones, making all kinds of transactions through phones. Still do not know how to invest through your smartphone applications?

Reverse phone

The world of applications for smartphones and tablets is becoming the focus of attention of all lovers of new technologies, and that is, according to Nielsen, the vast majority of Internet users are holding smartphones. Also, thanks to a study of the media agency, we learned that more and more consumers are willing to pay for different applications and downloadable content.

This leads to both small and large companies want to be present in various mobile devices, looking forward and continue the trail that large technology trends are leading. Both users of applications such as those known to simply be aware of current news, there are plenty of apps on the market for virtually all applications to calculate whether the settlement have given rightful, applications help you calculate the tip that should be left for a service, they estimate it will receive on retirement, or let you keep track of your expenses.

The usual financial markets also have a wide range of options through which they can make their investments through mobile or tablet. And that is to invest and do not need to sit at a desk in front of a computer and a telephone line by hand, but today it is possible to open and close positions in the financial markets through the applications designed for mobile devices . An application example easy, convenient and customizable is the application of IG trading , CFD company in Spain.

What can be done by applying GI trading?


Usage varies depending on whether a client of IG or not. If you do not have an investment account with the company, the application is useful for price rod over 10,000 global markets and can see in a simple and quick the ups, downs and changes in rates from their mobile assets or tablet. When choosing a particular market the user can see the evolution of the price per hour advanced graphics that can adjust to your liking.

On the other hand, if you have an account with IG, the functionalities of the application are much higher. And is that this app provides a powerful platform for trading CFDs for opening, closing and changing positions as you would on your computer. That is, you can set limits and stops, view intraday data of any market, besides putting operate with DMA (Direct Market Access). Since the application has access to the Reuters news live and can find very complete graphics in real time on all markets.

Available for smartphones and iPad

The IG trading application, a free download is available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7 and iPad. Search 'IG' in the corresponding store and start investing in financial markets wherever you are. For those as you want to find more information, you can find it at the following link .


The Banco Sabadell and its philosophy of change

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World & Business - Finance
Tuesday, 19 March 2013 13:24


Change is the driver of the new advertising campaign of Banco Sabadell. With interviews about change, by Julia Otero, known characters explaining the concept of change and how it was very important for his career. With these ads, the Banco Sabadell wants to approach a generic audience.

The Banco Sabadell and its philosophy of change

Participants in the interviews, led by Julia Otero, we can find all kinds of professionals such as: Luis Enrique and Luis Figo, Guardiola and Fernando Trueba, humorist Carlos Latre, the star of our video Cristina Garmendia (Businesswoman , Biologist and former minister), among others.


Again, the Banco Sabadell has put his trust in the performance of this new campaign SCPF, an agency known for developing the interview earlier starring Pep Guardiola, as well as campaigns "Conversations about the future, relationships and values."

Purpose of Banco Sabadell

Through this campaign, the Banco Sabadell's strategy is to strengthen its presence in the particular industry. According to the words of the director of Bank Marketing, Ramón Domenech: "since the beginning of the crisis was clear that our financial markets could produce a movement of customers from some banks to others who know present a compelling value proposition, serious and quality. It was, therefore, an opportunity we could not pass up. "

banc-sabadell logo

The Banco Sabadell, chaired by Josep Oliu, aims to continue growing in the private segment, since 2009 has castrated more than 950,000 customers without regard to the integration with the CAM Bank, who have already joined more of 190,000 companies.

Listings or "interviews", you view them on television, radio, print and Finance picking the best bits from these interviews. Although you can also see it on the official website of Banco Sabadell .


Parent Program 2013

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World & Business - Finance
Thursday, 14 March 2013 17:13

As happens every year, about our meeting with Treasury. So thousands of people begin to prepare for the 2013 tax return. One of the best aids with which we have to make them easily, with the famous Father Programme 2013 .


From Income Tax Blog, find all the help you need tax, giving us all the keys to download the 2013 parent program , utilizadlo to make your tax return this year correctly.


Semana Santa 2013

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World & Business - Finance
Thursday, 14 March 2013 16:59

For this Easter Sunday 2013 will begin March 24 and end on April 1. We will have some holidays and others that we will have to work. There are differences depending on the regions. In most of the regions is a holiday on 28 and 29 March. Here we explain the timing of Easter 2013.


Easter 2013

  • March 24: Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday.
  • Three working days are: 25, 26 and 27 March 2013.
  • Triduum begins. On March 28, Holy Thursday.
  • On March 29, Good Friday, we celebrate the death of Christ.
  • Holy Saturday is held on March 30.
  • March 31: Easter Sunday.
  • On April 1, is celebrated on Easter Monday.

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