How to submit the tax return online

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Monday, 28 January 2013 13:10

One of the simplest ways with which we have to present the 2013 Income Statement is to do it via internet. If you still do not know how to process it, show it to you here.

Internet Income

If previously we showed how you could apply the draft Income to expedite the process associated with the implementation of the Declaration, now we show you how you can make the Income Statement 2013 quickly and easily through the Internet application .

More and more people opting for this mode when you file your tax return, and that the progress of the application, and the speed and ease that is, make this the most feasible option.

Filing by Parent Program

Father Program

If we performed the Income Statement by Father Program, we have the option to file directly once we have made ​​sure that all the data that we have incorporated were correct.

To do this, within the application will we go to the file menu, where you will find the option of filing the form electronically. Once we select this option, we will follow the instructions, taking the data at hand to make sure tax before sending.

From filing the draft

Confirm draft income

Once we have the draft and we have confirmed the accuracy of the data included in it, we just get into the web application of the tax and confirm the draft.

It is therefore important that you have at least the draft reference number handy. After selecting the option, the statement will have been automatically filed via the Internet.

Other options

Those who do not have the draft or not to perform the tax return via the parent program, you can submit it via the internet if you have got the electronic ID card or valid digital certificate.

Also, another option is followed by many taxpayers file income through your bank. On the website of the same find the option that will allow us to do. However, this last point can not give you more information as the procedure of each differs.


How to order the draft statement of income

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Friday, 25 January 2013 17:36

Still do not know how you can apply for the draft to make the tax return? In Definanzas we want to help resolve all possible questions you have, and what better way to start than at the beginning.

Draft statement of income

What is the draft Income Tax?

For those who have not yet made ​​the filing income in any year, the draft is a helpful tool increasingly requested by all users to fulfill their obligations and Finance.

In short, the draft is only an estimate of our statement that the AEAT made ​​according to the data held by each of us, to serve us as a starting point to make the declaration.

Although the Treasury has the same data for all users, and the ability to draft taxpayers, we should be all of us who ask you to send us home.

How to apply the draft Income Tax?

Asking the draft

As the campaign begins the Income Statement of 2013 , we apply our draft statement, this simple fact can save many drawbacks and long-term problems.

This document is a reflection of how our statement would be if all the data held on our economic activities Hacienda and our heritage incorrect. One of the most comfortable ways to know what our tax data, since these are included in the letter that we sent with the draft. This document may only apply to the AEAT taxpayers required to file the tax return.

There are different ways to apply the draft, the most simple request from one year to another, as in the statement a year we see the possibility of asking the draft statement rentadel following year Treasury possibility that we also offers in the parent program , this will require that the box rellenemos 86 statement we consent to send us the draft next year.

Order online draft

Electronic Office - draft request

If we have not applied for the draft Declaration on the implementation of the statement of the previous year, our best option is to apply for the draft on the Internet. So we only we get into the Treasury website , or Electronic Headquarters AEAT, where we find the specific section with tax season underway. Within this section we find the "Draft of income" in section "Procedures".

It is important that we have that this option is only available when the campaign starts the Income Statement.

So that you can get an idea of ​​the process, here you have a video in which I explained the whole application process.


Father's Day 2013: When is

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Thursday, 24 January 2013 12:45

Until today I had not raised when Father's Day celebrated in different countries, not even questioned whether I had or not had the custom of celebrating. But since I've already covered my curiosity and I informed you I relay to you what I have learned when to be held.

Father's Day

We all know that Spain always Father's Day is celebrated on March 19, although this year this festival has been moved by our government to Monday March 18, as we saw in the 2013 business calendar .

However, in other countries such as Argentina, Colombia and the United States the day of the Father does not have a fixed date on the calendar every year. That is, do not celebrate a particular day, if not every year the number changes coinciding it with the third Sunday of June. In these countries, and in many others, will thus be held on 16 June 2013.

Day of padre4

However, a curious fact is that in Argentina the day consisting as national Father's Day is the third Sunday of June, but it coincides with the August 24, as outlined each year in the official school calendar of the country.

In other countries such as Brazil and the Dominican Republic dates celebrations have nothing to do, since in Brazil is celebrated on the second Sunday in August, this year being the 11th of August, while in the R. Dominican this celebration takes place the last Sunday of July, coinciding with the 29th of July.

Father's Day 2013

One day that certainly whatever it is on the calendar, will be full of love and gratitude to those parents who gave so much for us, and today I keep getting.


Audit Firms fashionable political circumstances

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Tuesday, 22 January 2013 17:17

One of the news and it seems that they will not stop being in the mouth of the media, politicians and even ordinary people, is all the financial scandal that has arisen around the Partido Popular.


The latest news say that the Popular Party will make an internal and external audit to audit the accounts after the scandal Barcenas.

For those that you all had a similar situation in your company, I recommend this directory audit firms that do not scare you bear no relation to your accounts.

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