Eurovegas in Alcorcón

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Tuesday, 26 February 2013 11:32

Much has been said and speculated Eurovegas and whereabouts end, well, now that we know with certainty that the city will Alcorcón charge of welcoming, we bring all of this macro data.


6 years ago, Madrid had the knowledge that Sheldon Adelson, a businessman hitherto almost unknown in Spain, could choose as final destination the capital to build Eurovegas, with Alcorcon, a town located 15 minutes from downtown, the destination chosen to host the project.

In total it is estimated that this enormous project will bring to the community around 260,000 jobs, which, if so, would be an effective aid against unemployment and the crisis. In its entirety, the huge structure that seeks constructed, will have 12 hotels of 3,000 rooms each, theater and golf courses, having as date chosen to start building in late 2013.


The company has guaranteed Adelsdon Sheldon economic viability of the project, whose CEO, Michael Leven, has been quick to say "we have the money", which means that the company will invest about EUR 18,000 million Eurovegas create.

As he explained, 35% of this will come from the company and 65% will be provided by international banks Asian, American and domestic. During the first phase, the group will invest about Adelson 2.686 million euros, with the total of this phase about 6,700 million.

The arrival of Eurovegas revalue housing in this county and the closest to it, such as Alcorcon , which will lead to those who plan to buy a home near the resort to find more affordable prices than a few years ago.

President of the Community of Madrid has also referred to the controversial legislative changes claimed by Adelson. Gonzalez said that the central government is studying the possible implementation of the reform would allow smoking in some areas Eurovegas casinos, stating that "the issue of snuff for the Government and now the issue is being addressed and will be resolved in the coming months, "he also explained that Gonzalez is going to be" the modification rules for adapting the project for these centers to this possibility restricted smoking. "

Magnate conditions and peculiarities of Eurovegas unleashed in recent years criticism of the opposition, which has warned that the site will be associated with the mafia and gambling, or some candidates land neighbors, who see it more harm than good. A good option to play without worries would ask for a credit card with good coverage to avoid the unexpected.


Master and Project Management

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World & Business - Finance
Wednesday, 20 February 2013 14:28

At a time when unemployment queen, Project Manager profession in health, as companies fail to find professionals with the skills they need for the sector or area. From Definanzas we advise you to do a Masters in Project Manager, a new career path.


The Project Management or Project Management

The Project Management or Project Management has become one of the professions that has emerged and that allows more efficient management of resources: good cost control and project meeting deadlines. And with the Master Project or Project Management.

Today, organizations run jobs that have a specific duration, two months, two years, ... involving operations and projects, though these are often implemented as a means to run a much broader strategic plan.


Masters in Project Management

This Master responds to that demand world of business, with which you will leave able to address complex projects, always backed by a curriculum and practices that integrate all current requirements of the Global Standard Project Management Institute.

Also you up, the Master, so you can introduce yourself, if you like, to the PMP certification exam.


What makes The Project Management tasks

The Project Management is a tool that has a great application to practice in the business environment today, in which the only constant is change and the need to identify good all customer needs, and manage well the products and services we provide.

An activity that includes: the implementation of a strategic management through projects and projects under contract until improvement projects, change management, ... So it becomes critical for a company that intends to maintain competitiveness in all the market to be able, thus, to ensure every success in their projects.


Julia Otero: Interviews for change

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Wednesday, 20 February 2013 13:42

The Banco Sabadell returns to the fray with another of his interviews from the hand of Julia Otero on 'change'. Such marketing campaigns they have been working very well, as they are very shocking to the viewer. They also have one of the most renowned journalists of the country, and have managed, so far, players who make you stay enganchadísimo to spot, but why use these ads?

They try to make their expansion accounts, from the positivity of change. Interviewing, for example, Luis Figo , one of the characters from the world of football has had more changes in his life, and who has gone through very bad times, very good, and now a very stable stage, as he tells it same in his interview, which sits next to Luis Enrique, for the first time.


What is at issue is to look at the crisis from another point of view, from a more positive perspective. Teaching us that the greatest, as it was difficult Bayonne since childhood and has become a great high. All this clear to Otero, who does his job as he has always done, with incredible professionalism. For a moment you lose yourself in the interview and you Forget it's a spot.


In fact, if you had any chance to see some of the interviews like Carlos Latre in which open fully, you will be wanting to know who will be in next interview by Julia Otero, but we'll have to wait out on the small screen.


Save on 2013 tax return

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World & Business - Finance
Thursday, 14 February 2013 17:50

Achieving savings in income tax will depend mainly on the planning that we take for presentation. Therefore, we present some tricks that will allow you to reduce your tax bill, thus paying less to the IRS.


The main reason why many taxpayers fail to save the time of making the statement of income is only stop to think about it when the campaign begins. For this reason, and seeking help them save on the tax return, we help you learn a few tricks that will allow us to deduce the final payment.

It is very important that, if we want to pay less to the Treasury, have prior planning of income tax payments to deducirnos we can soon. It is therefore important that the perform planning before the end of the year we are going to testify, because then they will be very few options that remain.

To see what actions we can take to get to pay less tax amount, we need to know in advance what would be the result of the income tax return to assess what actions we perform.

General Deductions 2013 Income

At the time of making the statement of income are many deductions to which we have access, with several general deductions that will allow us to reduce the amount resulting in significant amounts. For example, by purchase of a principal residence can deduct 15% of the amounts so paid on a maximum of 9,040 euros.

On the other hand, if we live in our residence under a lease can desgravarnos 10.05% of the amounts paid in rent, as long as the tax base does not exceed 24,020 euros.

However, if we who rent our house, pay based on the income we get from carrying out such performance, so that the costs can get all of the mortgage interest from the floor, and the costs associated with formalization of contracts. This amount will be charged a 100% reduction if the tenant has between 18 and 30 years of work yields than 7236.60 euros and 60% in general for the rest of the cases.

If we have made ​​a donation to a nonprofit organization, sponsorship activities and other entities covered by donations authorized by law, we may ad educirnos reach 10%, 20% or 30% of the amounts contributed.

Deductions for capital investment

If we have money invested, it is important that we take into consideration that some investments are more advantageous than others for the purposes of income tax, deductions carrying or being exempt from taxation.

Pension plans are an advantageous source of deductions when planning our income statement. This is because they allow a reduction of the overall tax base in terms of contributions; being directly related to subtract quantities with the age of the taxpayer.

This implies that, all under 50 years you can deduct the lesser of the following amounts: $ 10,000, maximum contribution that can be made, or 30% of their income, while those older than 50 years may deduct the lesser of the following amounts: EUR 12,500 or 50% of their income.

For any other type of investment, from a fiscal point of view, we should bet on investments over a year to submit a maturity date after 2014 or no expiration date, such as stocks or mutual funds.

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