How and where to register in Madrid?

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Monday, 04 March 2013 11:20

What is the pattern and how to use? Since the beginning of time, the municipalities have used the registration system as a way to record the number of citizens who reside in a particular geographical location. The purpose of this system is to invest more fairly the money raised by taxation in areas where most people have. Therefore, if you live in Madrid Empádronate in Madrid! But many times, we changed residence and do not know how, today we will explain.


Register in Madrid is very simple as it is divided into 21 districts, each with its own board. For some time, the citizen service is developed largely from the OAC's (Office of Citizen) rather than directly Boards. As part of this service, citizens can make their paperwork Madrid from any of these offices without the need to resort to its share of district.


As part of this project, there are many procedures that can be done directly online from the official website of the City of Madrid . These include the appointment for any of the procedures that require (among which are register); download a flyer of enumeration (the latter using a digital certificate previously installed on the computer) and even download the form to register.


After filling out the paperwork or and ask for your date and you can go to any of the offices in which you sort this out in 10 minute appointments. Generally, if you want to meet in Chamartin or Salamanca, you need about two weeks to find space, while Barajas, Sanchinarro or Villa de Vallecas, you usually find appointment the next day. Even if you live in the area of Vallecas, and you empadrones in Vallecas, you can do the processing in Usera without any problem.

You have no excuse not empadronarte! Anyway any questions please see the steps and procedures of the City of Madrid .


Are you a young entrepreneur? Know all the advantages of financing

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World & Business - Finance
Thursday, 28 February 2013 17:44

For those young entrepreneurs are numerous economic resources that provide us various entities, however, many times the difficulty is to know where we have to apply for financial resources we need. Today we help you know what are the advantages that currently there for all young entrepreneurs.

young entrepreneurs

To start any business need we have set a strong funding base, which can be: the Autonomous Communities grants will vary according to the territory in which we find ourselves, statewide grants throughout the Spanish territory and grants European Union.

Today we speak of Emprendetur Plan, which offers two types of funding, one aimed at younger than 40 years and another for those companies with R & D or innovative products.

Both have the same goal, and is given the opportunity for all young people to have access to loans with more favorable terms than those offered by the market will not be necessary to present guarantees.

Young Entrepreneurs Program Emprendetur

For this program has provided a total of 20 million euros, intended for those business ideas submitted by young entrepreneurs under 40 years old or companies with less than 2 years of age and with an average age of members or less to 40 years, innovation and tourism related, and framed within PNIT lines.

The main purpose of these grants is to facilitate the development of innovative business models to improve the competitiveness and profitability of the Spanish tourism industry, as well as promoting business tourism market entry of innovative young entrepreneurs, and support the implementation of the innovative projects developed by young entrepreneurs.

This aid is characterized by a loan to a fixed rate of 5.05%, with 100% financed with a maximum amount of 1,000,000 euros, 2 year grace period, 5-year amortization and without warranties.

Emprendetur Program R & D + i

In this case, this program is endowed with 28 million euros, divided into two sub-programs: the first aimed at those R & D projects that are related to technological innovation and tourism, while the second focuses on projects related to the development of innovative technology and tourism.

The features of this program is the fixed rate loan at 5.05% with a maximum of 75% and fundable with a maximum amount of € 1,000,000, 5-year amortization, and guarantees for an amount of 36% of the loan granted.

It deserves mention that we can obtain many advantages for our company to apply for a credit card of good features.

For more information visit the website helps the ministry's website .


The advantages of the new technologies in your business

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World & Business - Finance
Wednesday, 27 February 2013 12:47

Are you reluctant to new technologies? Not Smartphone user? Have you ever used a Tablet? Do not desist when to do your accounting role? Does your business have a website? If the answers to these questions are not, you should consider changing mentality. Today in DeFinanzas we help take the plunge.

New Technologies

Although the benefits of new technologies are unquestionable for many, for others they are a means to discover. Self-employed and micro increasingly relying on technical advancements to their business, but have not shown significant interest in this area.

Fundetec has made ​​a report which says the number of small businesses that are committed to incorporating new technologies has grown, but their numbers are still very low, "not even half the autonomous connection with web presence. Specifically, amounting to 47.5%, versus 52.5% who are not online. "

From the results of this study show that in certain sectors, such as hospitality, have corporate web has become a differentiator from the competition and get to observe a difference of up to 37% in the income. However, this increase in profitability is only 22% in the case of small businesses in fashion and accessories, while for business services business amounted to 19% rise in profitability.

This leads us to the conclusion that SMEs must use the most innovative technologies to meet this testing it is important to note that innovations require the use of technologies of all types can be categorized as follows :

  1. Create a website attractive: A Web site focused correctly can be a very powerful sales tool, so we must ask the question, are you making the most of this asset?
  2. Telecommunications Benefits: With an internet contract can favor us with many advantages such as offering free calls, for example, the Skype service.
  3. Trade online: Through new technologies we can exploit e-commerce to large companies have already surrendered, thus enhancing the sale of any products and services, while offering new opportunities for consumers and entrepreneurs.
  4. Computer systems: There are numerous software programs that will help us and we greatly facilitate the management of our company, databases, spreadsheets, and so on.
  5. Remote Telecommuting: Collaboration and union talent has never been so easy as in these times in which technological applications have advanced by leaps and bounds. Many entrepreneurs and professionals have been able to apply it to their favor.
  6. Using credit cards: now you can apply for credit cards without switching banks , that offer advantages for our SMEs.


Insurance businesses, essential coverage

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World & Business - Finance
Wednesday, 27 February 2013 10:20

In recent years we have seen keep a business open has become an almost impossible mission, which is why we now DeFinanzas even help those who have the good fortune to remain open to minimize the risks that you expose yourself and that you can lead to closure.


Small businesses have become in recent years in the first affected by this crisis, being the most complicated are local or continue a business open to the public. Not only involves many expenses, but also carries a number of risks to maintain the activity discussed claims. So, having covered these customer-oriented services with trade insurance we offer the best guarantees has become an increasingly important need.

There are many alternatives on the market for which we can choose, having also endless variations in price depending on the coverage, speed and time resolution of the contracted services. Nevertheless, the main thing that should be taken into account when searching for a safe trade 24 hours is the value.

What is essential in insurance for businesses?

There are a number of minimum coverage insurance for businesses we hire must offer thus see how all our efforts are focused and s to the success of our business:

  • Property damage: fire, damage by rain ...
  • Covered Expenses: replacement of documents lost rent ...
  • Legal assistance and legal

Although these are the minimum coverage that we require, there are other optional coverages that we should also take into consideration when hiring our insurance for businesses, such as: deteriorating insured costs of goods, mugging or compensation for losses benefits.

Hiring such services will be based on the budget that count, as well as personal choices. However, we must ensure that the coverage and guarantees are required by law, bearing liability cover.

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