Aid for the purchase of your first home

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Thursday, 14 March 2013 14:28

The ministry of housing from their website has opened a number of sections designed to aid explanation offered for the purchase of new housing:


There are three types of aid:

Aid for the promotion and acquisition of newly constructed housing

Aid for the acquisition of existing housing

Helps promote housing for rent


Save on your insurance management

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World & Business - Finance
Friday, 08 March 2013 09:44

In many cases brings more headaches our insurance that we solve, so it is so important that we have the tool that allows us to reduce problems and increase efficiency. Do you want to be sure to know all about your insurance? Today we tell you how you can.


More than one of you will have seen a problem of not knowing how to manage a part or an accident, or simply you will have chosen to fix a problem on your part in your home, not knowing what coverage were included in your insurance.

Well, it's time to delegate all these efforts in an online tool that allows us to manage our insurance with complete assurance of knowing that we're supposed expenditure worthwhile. Therefore we present Anuda Insurance , which register is free, being not an insurance comparison but a tool to manage them online.

This online tool available to all registered users a team of experts to assist in the management of all safe, informing them of the rights and the coverage it offers. A completely free and without commitment to stay through that Anuda offers treatment dedicated to each user, allowing them to know that insurance that best fits our needs, providing us support whenever we have a problem with our insurance.

Thus Anuda gives us the keys necessary to save time and money, knowing each of the coverage and the details of the different insurance policies, comparing and finding the best budget that maintains a value price that fits perfectly to our needs.


Improve your resume and find the right job for you

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World & Business - Finance
Wednesday, 06 March 2013 16:52

The current competitiveness in the labor market, and the growing number of unemployed do to improve our training and our curriculum is a necessity rather than an option. So today we give you some tips to increase the chances of further progress in our careers.


Once completed the college and we always find a job for a time of relaxation in which we settled into our booth and we forget the importance of continuing to completing our resume.

However, the current situation, in which a permanent job does not mean that we have it for life, has led to further enhance our curriculum is a necessity rather than an option. To achieve this, it is important that we have the ability to do a Masters or an MBA that allows us to deepen our knowledge and expertise and get more specific.


IESE Business School, corresponding to the School of Business Administration, University of Navarra, offers three MBA programs designed to meet the different needs of professionals based on their professional development. All programs combine general management perspective, the international focus and a deep knowledge of the global economic environment structuring it within the framework of business ethics.

A school that has a presence in over 30 countries and offers the best solution in order to transform your career, giving you all the knowledge you need to have to succeed in the business world and accomplish the job with which we have dreamed.

Although an MBA involves a heavy investment of time, the Executive MBA program presents an ideal when you want to combine a full-time job with a part-time MBA. Rigorous, demanding and practical is designed for professionals who have over five years experience. A program for those looking to consolidate their professional and personal, acquire knowledge and develop new competencies. If you want to make one, you have more information on IESE .


Office of Controlled Parking Service in Madrid

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World & Business - Finance
Wednesday, 06 March 2013 11:14

Since you want to claim a ticket to a green card you want to apply you have to get close to the office of Controlled Parking Service of the Community of Madrid. Today we tell you where you are and what steps you have to do, because sometimes we are a little lost when it comes to make a claim for any incident, or to order, for example, our resident card to green.


To any incidence or process, management of these incidents, eg metered, monetary claims, information on cash cards (prepaid), and other related issues that you want to do in person, is very easy, as there is a single office that is in Canorrubias Street, 1, with the ZIP code 28010, in the district of Madrid Chamberí.'ll leave you a picture of Google Maps.


Anyway, also form online from the website of the City of Madrid help us resolve all doubts on how to process steps such as: rates on blue zone, rates on viewing area. etc. is as simple as entering the web and see in negotiations and proceedings which type necesitaríamo s documentation, for example, for a green card, the register must , and make an appointment at this office.

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