Staff cuts in the reform of July 2012 Rajoy

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Friday, 13 July 2012 11:27

Since the announcement of cuts in Spain officials take to the streets to protest, standing war from all the Spanish provinces, officials are already calling these cuts abusive as "official-phobia '.

Public employees will suffer the biggest change in their contractual terms of the history of Spain. Look at them one by one:

  • Reducing the days of freely available, the 'moscosos'
  • Adjust the number of union released
  • Deleting extra pay
  • Changes in performance evaluation mechanisms, the Statute of Public Directors and measures on mobility
  • Dismissal of public employees through the drastic reduction of public companies
  • decline offers of public employees for the years
  • Increased working hours

According to the Treasury all these cuts will save 6.315 million. While the government seeks all kinds of ways of reaching the minimum savings or spending also requires us from Europe, the Spanish struggle for social rights and mobilized to support the various sectors, as not only the officials are going to affected by so-called " 10 recortazos Rajoy '.

There have been demonstrations and more protests are planned in Spain, of all public officials and those who support the sector. The Civil Service unions UGT, CCOO CSI-F and have called for today in Madrid and concentrations in all workplaces in the whole general government (central, regional and local) regulations during breaks mid-morning and shift to protest new cuts affecting the collective.

Some of the unions have already stated that these cuts are unfair not only useless, and call for protests on 19 July. Mendez and Toxo predict a "hot autumn".