Tips and tricks to save and make ends meet come alive

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Monday, 06 May 2013 13:39

Today we will explain how to make ends meet and not die trying, because it is becoming more complicated this goal. They are much the reasons and things that are put against us when to come up with something saved at the end of the month. Therefore, from DeFinanzas, I'll help you and give you the best tips and tricks to save I've compiled for you. Are you saving?


As this is an important and serious issue, let the mess. Bluntly started!

When charge we have to do

I am in favor of pen, paper and calculator.

1. We see the money we charge earlier this month and noted on a sheet. Once we have the full amount, we must calculate the 10% of everything we have gained. Eg

  • If we charge 600 euros, 10% are 60 euros we leave saved in an account in hand, ...

Two. Then put ALL the basic expenses that we have throughout the month: Telephone, Gas, Electricity, Car, Gasoline, Food for the entire month, Insurance, Mortgages, Rent ... and add them all. We must be as stringent as possible in order to make ends meet.

Three. After checking the total amount of costs, we subtract the amount we charged earlier this month, less 10%. Eg

  • If we charge 600 euros, 10% are 60 euros.
  • 600 euros - 60 euros = 540 euros.
  • 540 euros - basic EXPENSES month = Amount to survive during the month.

April. Once we have calculated the money that we can use during the month, for others not so basic expenses or for any whim, so that it's easier to advise you dividáis save this amount by the number of days to a month. Eg

  • Quantity to survive during the month / 30 days of the month = Amount to survive day to day
  • For example, out to spend a day 7 euros. These 7 euros, otherwise spend the day along, will add to the next, so if Monday could spend 7 euros, on Tuesday you can spend 14 euros.

"It's very important that anotéis any expenses occurring during the day: if you spend 1 Euro in the bread, it is noted, if you give 1 euro to your son, what ... and descontáis anotáis the 7 euros. With this you can see the expenses "fools" who perform throughout the day and help you avoid "

The first few months will be hard, why not say, but at the end of the year you will see your reward and you will have gained a good savings habit that will serve you for many other things.

And what method you use to make ends meet? Put your two cents and help so many people in need.


Competition for young entrepreneurs, the prize is your future

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World & Business - Finance
Friday, 26 April 2013 10:40


In an effort to promote the recruitment of talented young students, Gumtree presents a competition whose motto makes clear what the prize "Ideómetro: who has an idea has a job." Therefore, if you are a university student who was waiting for the opportunity to develop a project, this is the perfect time.

Finally today we can speak of a contest designed for those college students who are enrolled in a Spanish university or postgraduate studies center. Gumtree is responsible for carrying out this opportunity that we present today, that is intended to encourage entrepreneurship academic audience through its contest "Ideómetro: who has an idea has a job."

The purpose of this contest is to capture the talent of young students by launching products and ideas related to consumer services for young audiences, resulting winning ideas that are more interesting and productive.


What is the prize?

Those who submit the best ideas can get:

  • Becoming a Project Manager: For the idea / project more innovative, Gumtree will an intermediary between the student who made ​​the application and the company. If finally the company is interested, the student will work on your project with a € 1,000 monthly payment until the completion of the project.
  • Working in the Marketing and Sales Department Gumtree: For the authors of the three best projects / ideas, awaits the opportunity to work on Gumtree for 6 months with a € 500 monthly payment.
  • 15 16 GB iPad Retina: The best 15 projects will receive this Tablet from Apple.

All university students have the opportunity to perform and go to Ideómetro their ideas / projects until next May 19. On the appointed day to point out who are the winners of the competition is May 27 and June 10 the jury will decide who the three partners Gumtree.

Throughout the contest, Gumtree will contact the companies in which they can implement the most interesting projects. In the event that the company decides to carry out the project, it will notify the author of the idea that is Project Manager.

All the information you have in Gumtree, Ideómetro .


Do you know how to prepare a resume to go find a job in London?

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Wednesday, 24 April 2013 13:23

When we do a resume to go find a job in London or other UK cities, we must bear in mind that Vitae CV differ considerably from those we are used to do in our country, Spain. That's why I want to help you out and teach you how to prepare a CV according the demands of London. Going to Work!

Curriculum Vitae

Aspects to consider

  • Before starting to prepare a good CV we must know our level of English, the least you require in a job in London, will you master some Anglo-Saxon language, logical right? With Diverbo will be very easy and fun.
  • Your resume must occupy one single page. If you opt for a higher position or have much experience, you can expand up to 3 pages, tops.
  • In the CV not used to post pictures, unlike our country.
  • As happens in photographs, do not put the marital status, or date of birth. Many companies value positively live near the city, so you can put the address or zip code if that will help you score points.
  • According to company, they usually notify you by mail that you are not suitable for the position applied. So you put the address is not at all, weird or subtract positives. However, to put the phone number or an email will suffice.
  • It is very important, as in Spain, you customize your CV depending on the company that you apply for the job.
  • At the beginning of the Curriculum, as I put in the first image, it is customary to put a "Personal Profile", where we describe how we work, why we want the job, ... all aspects Believe Believe convenient and give you points positive.
  • Do not translate your English Curriculum to Castilian, not help, because then you'll have to defend it in the interview.
  • To the charges that go intended for technology sector, the curriculum should be much more extensive and can lengthen, as I have said before, until 3 pages to see the experience you have. Do not hesitate to explain the responsibility to execute and the technologies that we use.
  • It is important to attach with the CV a 'convering Letter ". This is a first contact between the company and us. Should be about 3 or 4 paragraphs explaining why you want the job, what we can bring to the company, positive aspects that will help improve the company, ...



Bono Renfe Ave

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World & Business - Finance
Tuesday, 09 April 2013 13:10

They get the most current and important news to travel AVE. Many of you, now that the holidays are approaching, are you watching this ad for several weeks. Along with the new price reduction in overall rates joins generalizing fully flexible prices to all high-speed trains. We tell you that going!

-bird discounts

They're here the most important developments of AVE Renfe. There is a price reduction in rates on bonds and in finance, we tell you.



With Bono announces Renfe , which is individual, non-transferable nominative that each valid for 10 one-way trips / trip, the holder will benefit from a discount on the rate Genera / Base 35% (not combinable with other discounts except Large Family).

This bonus can be used on AVE services, as well as others who require long distance and are made ​​by the high-speed AVE. We have two types of "Ave Bono": Economy and Preferred.

  • Valid 7 days a week until the end of four months from the date of purchase.
  • The voucher is valid only for the seats with seat and no beds.
  • Formalization always required on every trip and has a maximum of one space per train per day.

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