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Plan Japan pregnancy manual forgotten men

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Tuesday, 14 May 2013 18:15

To counter the declining birthrate, the Japanese government has proposed compiling a handbook [in] with information about pregnancy and family planning to educate teenagers about the subject. This distribution plan called "women's Manual" found with criticism from women's groups, who argue that pregnancy issues involving men and women. (more ...)

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"I am a Director"

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Society & You - Social Critic
Tuesday, 14 May 2013 18:00

El blog alternativo Puerto Rico Indie reseña la reciente película puertorriqueña “Soy un Director,” que fue financiada parcialmente a través de Kickstarter [en]:

La película, realizada al estilo “mockumentary” o de documental ficticio, le sigue los pasos a Carlos (Carlos Marchand), un cineasta primerizo que anhela hacer un filme al estilo Hollywood pero en Puerto Rico. Además de ser una comedia genuinamente graciosa, I am a Director triunfa en satirizar el proceso mental de muchos que se creen que hacer cine es cumplir con unos estándares artificiales basados en las inmensas producciones americanas.

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Italy: State of Art Historians in L'Aquila

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Society & You - Social Critic
Monday, 13 May 2013 19:00

Four years after the devastating earthquake that struck L'Aquila in Abruzzo, Italy, little or nothing has been rebuilt and the picturesque Old antigo big part remains uninhabited, while many residents live in new cities order multiple debates [it] . the May 5, 2013 almost a thousand art historians marched together [it] in the historic center of L'Aquila to draw political attention. Although some form of intervention by the Monti government, it takes much more effort to launch reconstruction. The Italian comics activist Gianluca Costantini summarized the problem through the series of images " If we camp "[in].

"Yes we camp", Gianluca Costantini's Political Comics project under CC 3.0 License

"Yes we camp", draft Gianluca Costantini Political Comics under license CC 3.0

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Pakistanis vote in large numbers despite threats and alleged manipulation

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Monday, 13 May 2013 18:49

This post is part of our special coverage of Pakistan Vote 2013 [en].

Amid threats of terrorism and reports of manipulation, determined voters in Pakistan attended in large numbers facing chaotic polling places and long lines [in] May 11, 2013 to express their voice in the first democratic transition of power in the country .

The final results have not yet been computed, but it is expected that two-time former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) [in] win and form the government [in].

The official Twitter account of the party ( @ pmln_org [in]) declared victory:

@ Pmln_org [en]: PMLN Roshan Pakistan | With the nation to trust us and support the revolution!

A woman is exercising her right to vote here during 2013 General elections at a polling station in the home town of Benazir Bhutto on Saturday. Image by jamal Dawood. Copyright Demotix (11/05/2013)

A woman exercising their right to vote during the 2013 general election polling in the hometown of Benazir Bhutto on Saturday May 11. Dawood jamal Image. Copyright Demotix (11/05/2013).

Imran Khan , popular cricketer turned politician, who had attracted a large following among the young and urban voters before the general election [in], did not get a win for his party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) [ in]. His former wife Jemima Khan ( @ Jemima_Khan ) remained optimistic about the match:

@ Jemima_Khan : PTI party one seat to the second and main opposition in the Assembly, governing a province. No tsunami but definitely a # nayaPakistan [new Pakistan].

The election was peaceful in most areas, although it is reported that attacks in Karachi, Peshawar and Baluchistan left 29 dead and many others wounded, leaving a total of more than 150 dead [in] caused by election-related attacks by militants Taliban and other militant groups in recent weeks.

But although violence is estimated that 60 percent [in] of 86 million eligible voters went to the polls, more than any of the recent elections in the country.

Twitter was full of reactions all day.

Faisal Sherjan ( @ fsherjan [in]) noted:

@ Fsherjan [in]: First indicator of voter turnout. The intellectuals participated in the electoral process. Young Pakistan voted for change. Voters showed maturity.

People stand in a queue to cast Their vote at a polling station During the phase of the election in Karachi, Pakistan on Saturday 11 May 2013. Hundreds of Thousands of Pakistanis went to the polling stations. Image by Rana Zahid 84. Copyright Demotix (11/05/2013)

People lining up to cast their votes at a polling station during the elections in Karachi, Pakistan on Saturday, May 11, 2013. Hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis attended the polls. Image of Rana Zahid 84. Copyright Demotix (11/05/2013).

The journalist Fahd Husain ( @ Fahdhusain [in]) propelled the country to break its own brand of vote:

@ Fahdhusain [en]: Turnout in 1970 was 63 percent. The highest in the history of Pakistan. Overcoming this record! # Elections

Raza Rumi ( @ Razarumi [in]), writer, blogger and professional development expert published a comparison:

@ Razarumi [en]: In the 2008 election, voter turnout in Pakistan was 44.1% in Bangladesh, 87.4% in the 2008 elections. In India in 2009, voter turnout was 59.7%.

Female Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) register female voters employees With Their identification cards. Image by Saad Sarfraz Sheikh. Copyright Demotix (11/05/2013)

Electoral Commission Working Women in Pakistan (ECP) register to voters with identification cards. Image by Saad Sarfraz Sheikh. Copyright Demotix (11/05/2013).

In some parts of Pakistan, especially in the port city of Karachi, reports sprang discrepancies and electoral manipulation and allegedly did not let the people vote, which sparked protests [in] to support Imran Khan and his party PTI. Faizan Lakhani ( @ faizanlakhani [in]), Karachi journalist, published a photo of the demonstrations:

@ Faizanlakhani : Photo # PTI Karachi protests against election manipulation. # PakVotes [Pakistan votes]

Yasmeen Ali ( @ yasmeen_9 ) also tweeted a photo showing hundreds of people protesting against the alleged manipualción:

@ Yasmeen_9: Protests against manipulation Chowk Lalak # NA125 , there are hundreds out protesting. @ HAMIDKHAN_NA125

# Rigging [en] (manipulation) is trend in Pakistan, thanks in part to the PTI media team. It should be noted that as an important moment in the new trend of using social media as a political tool and mobilization in Pakistan.

The party maintains that the winner was the Pakistan Muslim League-N manipulating voting stations, and supposedly, videos of a polling station in Lahore NA-125 and NA 56 Rawalpindi show manipulation of votes:

@ PakVotes : Video with vote tampering released NA-56 Rawalpindi, where workers of Pakistan Muslim League-N are forcing people not to vote. ... # PakVotes

Officials are patrolling Army as the army troops have started patrolling in different areas of the city while you Also Increased patrolling in sensitive areas on the occasion of General Election 2013, in Karachi on Friday May 10, 2013. Image by PPI Images. Copyright Demotix

Army officers as army troops patrol have started patrolling in different areas of the city. The patrol sensitive areas has increased because of the general elections 2013, in Karachi on Friday, May 10, 2013. PPI Image Images. Copyright Demotix.

We have already started a petition [in] on, although this request is only for two constituencies in Karachi and Rawalpindi and Lahore mentions:

It must be re-elections in the constituencies Karachi-1 (NA239) to Karachi-20 (NA258) due to multiple reports of fraud and other obstacles in the process. We want free and fair elections, with voters and polling protected by the authorities against those who seek to intimidate and coerce.

Najam Sethi ( @ najamsethi [in]), head of the interim government of Punjab and former journalist, said the PTI was planning to file a complaint considering four seats have been fixed:

@ Najamsethi : I talk to [Imran Khan]. He complained of "fixes" on four seats of officials in charge [of the Election Commission of Pakistan]. He said he will file a complaint with the commission.

Pakistan is waiting for the report of the European Union observers [in], and so far no independent reports.

However, it has ordered another vote [in] in over 40 polling stations in Karachi where the election was suspended the day of the elections due to irregularities. Omar Quraishi ( @ omar_quraishi [in]), Express Tribune journalist, responded to the news:

@ Omar_quraishi : I know many people who voted for seven-eight hours in NA 250 and are very annoyed that the result will be delayed for another vote.

The Network for Free and Fair Elections (FAFEN, by name) and the Election Commission of Pakistan are asking political parties to present evidence of official complaints.

This post is part of our special coverage of Pakistan Vote 2013 [en].

Image thumbnail Syed Yasir Kazmi . Copyright Demotix (11/05/2013).

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