Syria: the slaughter of rage and pain wakes Traimsé

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Friday, 13 July 2012 12:01

Last year, on the eve of the holy month of Ramadan, Syrian forces loyal to the regime of Bashar al-Assad massacred about 45 civilians in the central city of Hama.

This year's bloodbath occurs in a town near Hama, Traimsé, but the balance is presumed dead several times.

According to activists, some 220 ​​civilians were killed in that town on July 12, including three entire families. The writer and blogger Syria Rime Allaf writes [es]:

@ Rallaf : news about another slaughter in # Syria ‬, ‪ ‬ province of Hama #: about 220 victims, many put to the sword, also children, 3 whole families.

The reactions ranged from anger and uncontrollable sadness and absolute powerlessness. Syrian activist Al-Jabri Shakeeb summarizes his emotions here [in]:

@ LeShaque I do not know if or how sad or hopeless when the reaction of one to a slaughter is "déjà vu". ‬ ‪ # Syria

While Kareem Lailah tweets [ar]:

@ KareemLailah : صار في سوريين تحت الأرض أكتر من عليها # Syria
@ KareemLailah : at this time there are more Syrian underground than above it. # Syria

Shakeeb al-Jabri also laments the inaction of the international institutions with respect to the massacres of Syrians, especially because this is not the first that occurs during a meeting of the Security Council of the United Nacionas about Syria [in]:

@ LeShaque : Mood, Annan, Ban, the UN Security Council condemn all the slaughter but not the perpetrator, as if people die so spontaneously. # Syria

And in all honesty, shortly after the incident, the United States ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, left to condemn the slaughter [in]:

@ AmbassadorRice : reports of the # TraymsehMassacre (# masacredetraimsé) are nightmare dramatically illustrate the need for binding measures the UNSC # # Syria.

"The world watches while we slaughter. Do not forget the slaughter of Traimsé "by the Union of Facebook Pages for the Syrian Revolution

NuffSilence , with sarcasm, reminded his readers the newly created Ministry of National Reconciliation [in]:

@ NuffSilence : It is important to note that this is the 1st slaughter of this kind under the new Ministry of National Reconciliation (which boasted to Annan Bachar)

Safaa Sankari While meditating on a common sentiment among Syrians that have been found in small towns in the province of the country through these tragedies [in]:

@ SafaaSankari : more than 200 people killed in # TraymsehMassacre # Syria today, cities that never knew existed in Syria now know from these massacres : (

Homsi Ugariti mocks the statement from the Syrian authorities in that state that arrested the "perpetrators" within hours of the slaughter [in]:

@ Ugariti_Homsi : Syrian state TV: "The terrorists who committed the # TraymsehMasscare were arrested" Oh, my God, I will give ya a heart attack! # Liars

And finally, Sami al-Hamwi shares a photo of the various protests around the country condemning the slaughter [in]:

@ HamaEcho : AJM is showing 5 different signals of the protests in support Traimsé tonight. ‬ ‪ # Syria

AJM showing 5 different streams of protests in support of Treimseh tonight.

AJM (Al Jazeera Mobasher) showing 5 different signs of protests in support Traimsé tonight. Uploaded by the tuitero @ HamaEcho

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