Pakistan: Who has killed Ghazala Javed Pashtun singer?

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Tuesday, 03 July 2012 11:37

Ghazala Javed [in] a charismatic Pashtun singer, was murdered in the city of Peshawar. Throughout his life, always defied pressure from the Taliban to stop singing. According to reports, Ghazala and her father received six shots at the door of a beauty salon. The perpetrators were able to " run away leaving them in a pool of blood . " The Pakistani police investigators suspect that her ex-husband, from whom he separated [in] the past year, is responsible for the killings. But other people with different theories speculate [on].

Challenging Taliban

Ghazala was born in the Swat Valley, which fell under Taliban rule in 2007. When the Taliban conquered his hometown, was forced to emigrate with his family to the city of Peshawar, 170 miles.

Ghazala Javed cantando una canción pastún. Imagen tomada de un vídeo de Youtube.

Ghazala Javed Pashto singing a song. Image taken from a Youtube video .

The Taliban government was at its peak when the Pakistani government was forced to sign a peace agreement with militant groups Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan and Tehreek-e-Shariat-e-Nafaz-e-Mohammad [en] (TSNM). The agreement called rules Nizam-e-Adal [en] (Order of justice), and signed as a ceasefire between Sufi Mohammed, the TSNM, and government. But the agreements TNSM broke, causing an inevitable military operation in the region. In 2009, the Pakistan Army militia expelled from Mingora, the main town of Swat valley.

Ghazala was a brave woman who fought against the traditions and customs of their society. Not afraid of the Taliban decree that prohibited making music for singers. Fawad Khan says [at] well:

Considering this stupid and blind male domain [in the province KPK (Pastunjua Jaiber or NWFP)], Ghazala Javed was the voice that made free to all those women and became the hope of anyone wishing to pursue their dreams.

He traveled frequently to Afghanistan and was very popular among teenagers Pashtuns. A famous Pakistani singer, Bkktayar Khattak speaks [in] the great loss that is his assassination:

"His death is a great loss for Pashto music. He was an inspiration for new generations of singers who come to the Pashtun music industry. "

The Tahkleeq Development Foundation (Foundation Tahkleeq Development, TDF) organized a protest rally to condemn this horrific act of terrorism. Arshad Hussain, PTO says [in]:

"Today's artists of this region become to feel threatened and scared because the government and human rights organizations have failed to protect them. It is an attack on freedom of expression and Tahkleeq Development Foundation together with its 98 members and other persons and organizations condemn the incident. "

Similarly, Internet users have strongly condemned this act. Some see it as a step towards Talibanization (a trend to follow the thought Taliban) in Pakistan. Rizvi says [in]:

The same fanatic repetition of events. Only this time is even more painful (literally).

Possible ¿honor killing?

But it remains unclear whether it was the Taliban who killed her or her ex-husband. Ghazala was married in 2000 with Jahangir Khan, a businessman, but six months after the wedding, he discovered that he had another wife and filed for divorce [in]. He also claimed that her husband tried to stop him from singing [in]. Sadaf Anwar Shah writes [es]:

"There is no relationship of the Taliban with this latest killing, killed her former husband because he left 7 months ago by court order ... I am very sorry, was the best and do not forget ..."

At the same time, Mike Jenkinson accused [in] the Taliban's ideology that led to his assassination:

I remember an article about an Afghan filmmaker and the problems he had with the Taliban. It is sad to see such narrow-minded idiots are willing to kill anyone who disagrees with them.

Some people said that this murder is the result of the prevailing patriarchal mentality. Muhammad Rizwan says:

She was killed because she was a woman, women have no life in Pakistan, can not live your life.
God save Pakistani women ...

Whatever the reason may be, the end result is to have silenced a Mockingbird [in]. It will always be remembered as an endearing voice of our times.

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