Colombia: The brutal rape and murder of Rosa Elvira Cely

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Friday, 08 June 2012 12:03

Colombia last week met for Rosa Elvira Cely , a 35 year old woman who was found at dawn on May 24 in a remote National Park in Bogota. Rosa had called the emergency number 123 twice, and was the sound of a nearby creek that led authorities to the place where he was unconscious, trembling, bruised in the back, stabbed in the back and impaled, probably with the branch of a tree. Die of peritonitis in a hospital in downtown Bogota on Monday 28 May.

The news first appeared in a tabloid published by the major newspaper of Colombia on May 29, and slowly appear in other media. Cely worked as a seller of sweets in front of the Military Hospital, had a daughter aged 11 and was finishing his secondary education, wanting to become a psychologist.

This case originated brutal murder and rape a new wave of indignation in social media: tagged as # RosaElviraCely and # NiUnaMás tweeters joined the rally and showed such indignation. There was also strong arguments on whether the death penalty or life imprisonment should be applied to them rapists and abusers.

This also led a demonstration in the National Park itself on Sunday morning June 3, Hundreds of people attended the rally to demand justice. The event began at 10 am (local time) with a concentration in which he reminded Cely and many other victims of violence (including women murdered in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico ). About 45 minutes later, people walked to the site where they found Cely , there prayed, shouted, sang, and even a man tearfully apologized on behalf of all men for the crime.

Concentración en el Parque Nacional de Bogotá el 3 de junio de 2012

Concentration in the National Park of Bogota on June 3, 2012

Concentración en el Parque Nacional de Bogotá el 3 de junio de 2012

Concentration in the National Park of Bogota on June 3, 2012

Cientos de personas caminan al paraje remoto del Parque Nacional donde encontraron a Rosa Elvira Cely

Hundreds of people walk to the remote site of the National Park where they found Rosa Elvira Cely

Un pendón con una foto de Rosa Elvira Cely cuelga de un árbol cercano al sitio donde la encontraron

A banner with a picture of Rosa Elvira Cely hanging from a tree near the site where they found

Flores, pancartas y velas yacen en el árbol que señala el sitio donde Rosa Elvira fue encontrada

Flowers, banners and candles lay in the tree that marks the site where Rosa Elvira was found

Este cartel reza: 'Basta de asesinatos, violaciones, quemaduras con ácido. Falta contundencia contra la delincuencia'

This poster reads: 'No more murders, rapes, acid burns. Lack hard against crime '

Este otro cartel dice 'No fue la falda, no fue el trago, no fue la hora, no fue el lugar. ¡¡NADA!! justifica una agresión sexual. ¡¡Ni una más!!'

The other sign says' It was the skirt, it was the drink was not the time, was not the place. ANYTHING! justifies sexual assault. Not one more! '

All photos were taken by the author and published under a Creative Commons - Attribution [ Full Album on Flickr ]

You can see more pictures on Mike's Blog Bogotá [in], I am a journalist in search of Flickr and the Flickr lncognito (Cali).

In the blogosphere, journalist Gloria Ortega Perez posted an entry profusely illustrated with photos of the concentration. He also compiled several recent cases of gender violence in Colombia and says:

Rosa Elvira did not die in vain. Ascertained, before losing consciousness, expose the murderer, the system of "immediate reaction" that never reacted, the health unit stratified indecent life, justice that guaranteed impunity to his murderer. We explained to all as a society. To all proud owners of a magnificent constitution, which only exists on paper, but whose fundamentals are not the standards by which laws, or which guide our aspirations as a society.

Gloria also called for "more justice and less headlines" and said he was "blowjob [tired] of war. I suck in violence against our children. I'm sucking the answer to our problems is more concrete, more guns, more bullets, more men shooting other men who are different but they think differently. "

Meanwhile, Ivan Andrade for the case is just another reflection of the problems of Colombia :

The infinite errors Colombia together to remind us that terror is our reality, it is difficult to fight against flesh despicable and vile as the murderer of Rosa Elvira because the system lets them thrive and act as they please. And then we only have rabies.

Finally, Justellie22 highlights the role played by social networks, which saved from oblivion and Rosa Elvira became the voice "stolen".

On Friday June 1, police arrested Javier Velasco Valenzuela, 44, the main suspect, a classmate of Cely -offenders (including a conviction for murder and a charge of having abused his stepdaughters) . A second suspect, Mauricio Rojas Ariza, surrendered to authorities on Sunday June 3.

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