China: Campaign to remove "foreign garbage" in Beijing

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Monday, 28 May 2012 12:01

Police in Beijing, there are currently some 200,000 foreign residents in the capital. Since May 15, 2012 the Chinese government has begun a 'cleansing' of illegal residents. Local newspapers say that this campaign is due to a sexual assault [in] that a British citizen committed the May 8, 2012.

Echoing the official campaign, the presenter Yang Rui's state English channel (CCTV 9) of China Central Television , suggested in the micro blogging site Chinese Sina Weibo [in] that foreigners are 'spies', 'trash' and 'thugs'. Also called 'bitch' among other things to Melissa Chan, Al Jazeera's correspondent in Beijing, which was cast out to [in] by the government in early May, and suggested that it should take from China to other foreign media representatives. The inclusion of the reporter expelled from AJ in the list of 'foreign trash' confirmed the speculation [zh] that the campaign to remove illegal aliens hidden political motives, particularly after the escape of disident and [in] blind Chen Guangcheng to U.S..

Josh Chin China Real Time Report, the China section of the Wall Street Journal, wrote an article [in] on this subject which included the following translation of remarks made ​​by Yang Rui:

The Public Security Bureau have to clean the garbage foreign arresting foreign criminals and protecting innocent girls. Should concentrate their efforts on areas of risk as [the student district] Wudaokou and [the district of bars] Sanlitun. That cut off the heads of the foreign snake. People who can not find work in the United States or Europe come to China to take away the money, engaging in human trafficking and spreading lies misleading to encourage emigration. The Chinese girls seeking foreign spies to cover up and pretend to be tourists while collecting GPS data and maps for Japan, Korea and Western countries. We took that bitch foreign and close the offices of Al-Jazeera in Beijing. We should be close to those who demonize China and pack them.

This report caught the eye of Yang Rui and said [zh] on Sina Weibo this:

have fun on weekend

Why the Wall Street Journal is so concerned about the cleanliness of foreign garbage? What nonsense to suggest that I am xenophobic. In China we have enough foreign garbage but we also have many friends among foreigners who respect the law. We have to distinguish between the two and get rid of the trash to get along. The Chinese are famous for their hospitality, some are friendly and give too much credit to the strangers who have lost their own personality and national pride. Friends, fun weekend. (Sic)

The resident Chinese blogger and filmmaker Charlie Custer [in] seemed exaggerations and said [in] on his blog that:

Interestingly, this rage come from Yang Rui, who is one of the faces of China's foreign cultural policy. Dialogue is a program in English which means it is intended to foreigners inside and outside China. The fact that your host (or one of them) seem to be a racist xenophobic article is probably an indication of some success that will have the China foreign cultural policy.

It is also pretty amazing that someone who has been dealing with foreigners for years, which is supposed to face a Chinese representative abroad, yet so little known about us and really make nonsense how are you ...

Mr. Custer also requested CCTV to fire the presenter xenophobic. On the right you can see their online brochure which has circulated widely in Sina Weibo.

In response to this action, Yang called on the police [zh] to check the background of the blogger:

You are too emotional. Only a social deviant who has left the rails in their behavior would be so lacking in confidence. I suggest that the Public Security Bureau to make a careful check of their background. I also suggest you calm down and read my other post in Weibo. I am against xenophobia and only pointed to these foreign thugs who could not find a job or in their own countries. Those foreigners who behave morally bad as they want to have to throw them out of the country. You've chosen your position and I have fulfilled my mission.

A number of Chinese netizens are aware of Yang's position in the propaganda machine and have questioned his folly [in]. However, many netizens Weibo supported government policy to drive the foreigners, feeling swollen by numerous local media reports about the criminal activities of foreign individuals and abusive behavior, as this shameful incident [in] in a passenger train. Here's some comments taken from the popular Sina Weibo tag: # Cleaning of foreign residents in Beijing # (# 北京 清理 非法 居留 外国人 #):

@ 网游快报 : #北京清理非法居留外国人#在清理"三非"老外的同时,也要严加管教,那些合法的外国人,让他们知道来了中国就要给我老实本分的遵守中国 法律!

@ 网游 快报: In addition to kick out the illegals we have to educate law. Let them know that they have to behave humbly and follow Chinese laws.

@ _随他去盛儿 :

@ _ 随 他 去 盛 儿: The government should have imposed his authority long ago. This standard should be applied in other cities, not just in Beijing. We are too good to them. While we are friendly with them, they are not with us. Now they are abusing the Chinese people in their own country. It is pathetic that people are not doing anything to defend.

@ 复活 的 恺 撒: I wish that all foreign pigs have deceived our wives, cheated our money and our reputation send them to North Korea for the enslaved.
The English version of this post has been edited by Jane Ellis [in].

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