United States: Occupy Wall Street returns to the fray

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Tuesday, 01 May 2012 03:07

Many wondered about the future of Wall Street Occupy a result of eviction in Zuccotti Park and the effects of winter prevented them camp out at the end of last year and early this. However, in the words themselves, the movement never waned and now are determined to be public spaces around the country, as has been seen in places like Union Square in New York.

Not only the movement has taken to the streets. On 15 February, enabled a microblog called The 99% Spring , where about 40 organizations invited inspired Occupy around 100,000 people on the eve of the tax season in the U.S., between 9 and 15 April, for contasen "the history of our economy." Also, occupants are calling to march from downtown Manhattan to Wall Street on May 1. Such was the resurgence of Occupy one of its members in Philadelphia was on the verge of a congressional candidacy [in].

The blogosphere has noticed the resurgence. The blog Féministes Indignades Occupy says that the movement was further strengthened with the participation of women:

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, for example, women participated actively at the beginning of the movement Ocuppy [sic]. However, this movement has an image of being predominantly male (and in the United States, white, young) - and indifferent to the fact that capitalism simply can not be transformed without facing its inception, patriarchy, which depends to control and exploit women. And women, by the way, are 51% percent of that 99% (and 0% 1%).

The blog Maestroviejo Occupy notes that the movement was also started in Minneapolis in late 2011 and early this year:

During the fall and winter, the protesters, setting up tents, held demonstrations in different parts of the city of Minneapolis. After these protests, the police forces of the state stepped up efforts to restrict entry into the field at night and remove the tents of the participants.

On Twitter, Anonymous ( @ YourAnonNews ) belies the failure of the movement Occupy

Occupy Think you failed? The Entire Rhetoric and tone Used To discuss the economy & Wall Street are now THAT Different Because of movement.

Occupy You think went wrong? The whole tone and rhetoric used to discuss the economy and Wall Street are now different because of that movement.

Daltonicum ( @ Daltonicum ), acknowledging that there is an album in honor of the movement Occupy:

The movement "Occupy Wall Street" recorded an album called "Occupy this album" with the help of bands like Mogwai http://daltonicum.posterous.com/el-movimiento-occupy-wall-street-graba-un-dis

Jason Brickley ( @ azureblade7 ) mentions that there is a burgeoning movement today

Spring Revival: Wall Street Seeks to Occupy Rejuvenate Movement http://dlvr.it/1SSkR2

Spring Revival: Occupy Wall Street looking to rejuvenate the movement

Then Occupy motion pictures in New York City (all photos were taken by the author):

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