Ghana: Using social media in the 2012 elections

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Saturday, 21 April 2012 11:36

Ghanaians are preparing for elections presidential [in] and parliamentary [in] to be held on 7 December 2012. Therefore, the community BloggingGhana [fr] has launched an initiative to teach social activists, political groups and students to use social media tools to monitor the elections and give information about them.

GhanaBlogging is a group of bloggers from Ghana and other countries [in] writing about Ghana.

Nana Sarpong, a radio journalist, writer and blogger Ghana, writes about the launch [es] of the initiative:

The logo of the project decide to Ghana. Image Source: Ghana Facebook page Decides.

The Ghana project BloGh Decide Election 2012-A was launched on 30 March in Windy Lodge (Winneba). Ghana Decides BloggingGhana is an initiative designed to introduce NGOs, civil society organizations, students (especially those who vote for the first time), political groups and the general Ghanaian population the importance and benefits of using social media Ghana's elections. The project seeks to attract institutions and individuals and teach them to use these tools, while providing a reliable platform for the monitoring of elections in the country.

Young voters showing their voter cards. Image source: Flickr account Decides Ghana.

Nana we still talking about the project [in]:

Most innovative projects such as Ghana Decides often have headquarters in the capital. For this reason, the project team decided it best to present it outside Accra. At launch, under the slogan "for the participation of youth reported in the 2012 elections," high schools participated in Winneba, the local union Winneba physically disabled and other disabled people, students of the University for Education in Winneba, NGOs such as Plan Ghana, and the general public.

The launch marks the official launch of a range of activities online and offline Internet including iResgistered campaign, which aims to encourage young voters to come out in groups and take pictures and videos of themselves while recording or after do. That day, the tag # iRegistered was the subject of the moment on Twitter.

This video Youtube channel of Ghana Decides shows scenes from the voter registration exercise being carried out in Ghana:

Ghana Decides gives more information about the initiative # iRegistered [in]:

The activities of the campaign is Ghana Decides # iRegistered for Ghanaians to register, and the Election Commission (EC) has started to use the biometric voter registration.

# IRegistered in 4 easy steps:

1. Ghana Decides provides information on the biometric registration on its website ( The website of the government of Ghana ( has also published a brochure on the subject. It has urged Ghanaians to read, stay informed and share this information with family, friends and people in their communities.

2. Tweet or post updates on Facebook or Google + to talk to your friends and the world on the record and the need to do with the labels # and # GhanaDecides iRegistered.

The initiative is in Ghana Decides YouTube , Twitter , Flickr and Facebook [in all].

In the elections of December 2012 will face the two major political parties in Ghana: the National Democratic Congress (NDC), currently has the power, and the main opposition party, the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

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