Indestructible Project: Using the words of abuse to raise awareness and healing

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Saturday, 24 March 2012 11:03

Grace Brown, a student at the School of Visual Arts in New York, was so moved by the horrific descriptions of sexual abuse of a victim, who last October began a photography project called Project Unbreakable [Project Indestructible, in]. The idea of ​​Grace is to use photography to help survivors heal, asking them to write one sentence of his attacker in a photograph holding the poster and writing. Victims can send the images themselves or can request the project to the shooting. The images are then posted on a blog on Tumblr, which are being replicated by many, thus spreading the awareness.

project unbreakable
Grace writes [en] for a fundraising campaign:

I have nineteen years old and my career could end tomorrow, but I still feel satisfied. I want to take this project a step further. I want to travel to different areas in the United States to photograph, talk, show my work, to show people they are not alone. And maybe one day can turn this project into an organization providing professional support to the survivors, which unfortunately I am not qualified to offer.

We all have the ability to change the world, is only a matter of deciding how we want to. If you can donate, appreciate it. If they can, please share this page if you are willing. And if you're uns sexual abuse survivor, I want to remind you that you are indestructible.


Sending anonymous user. Image courtesy of Project Unbreakable. [It reads: "'Out, before ensucies my room', then he raped me and I cut with a knife"

The blogger and a spokeswoman Amy Phillips writes in the Washington Times [en]:

The photographs are reminders that words and deeds are never forgotten. Each poster represents a small act of justice. Brought to light, every phrase astonished at his audacity, his malice, his pure horror. While reading, júzguenlas for what they are. Victimization in words.


Sending anonymous user Unbreakable Project. [It reads: "April 16, 2011. 'Relax ... why can not you enjoy it?' -PhD student in Physics "

On March 3, 2012 Grace was at Union Station in Washington, DC [in], 10 am to 5 pm, to take pictures of people who have been sexually abused.

Anyone interested in participating, being photographed or sending a picture, write to Grace This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and place as a matter of "Photograph Me" [Fotografíame] or "Submission" [Sending image], depending on the circumstances.

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