The mood changes the brain

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Friday, 12 April 2013 15:24

Learn to laugh at yourself problems and I've always considered something exceptional, something that humans had to aspire to happiness. After learning that humor has the ability to change the brain, are reconfirmed my desire to fight for a life full of smiles. Will You Join?

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The effect of humor on the brain

There are people who value negative mood and it seems that in this life we must mourn the misfortunes without seeking a positive side to things, without looking for a meaning to suffering to continue forward and get to learn from all this. You see that I am of the opposite opinion and even, I believe that humor is an essential tool in the work of psychologist.

Now science also shows how humor can change the brain in a way that would be positive as the key to strengthen the heart and therefore the humor would be a means of preventing certain diseases.

The study data show that those who use humor to deal with the problems are 40% less likely to suffer heart attacks or strokes, and rarely suffer so much pain in dental treatment, have healthier immune systems and even live four years longer.


A peculiar data obtained in this study and to give you in the words of Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Natalia Lopez Moratalla, University of Navarra:

"For the men, something that makes them absurd from laughing, while women usually do not need grace and also of absurd fun."

Laughing is talking about happiness

When we laugh all tensions disappear, the body relaxes, no matter what has happened before or what will come next because we are enjoying this present moment in which something has made ​​us laugh and we have forgotten all the problems.

Laughing is talking about happiness in every way, humor allows us to enjoy the small and big moments, so we tend to get together with people who make us laugh because they are the greatest happiness we seek.

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Yesterday we talked about what were the keys to a healthy relationship, communication and mentioned a life plan together, the humor is part of this, the best, the share, because when there is humor and confidence within a couple want to spend time with her.

As you can imagine, if we can laugh at something that hurts us or makes us sick, we face a much more healthy. This allows us to understand the humor as a way to protect yourself from depression.

laughing with a baby

I know the author of this great phrase, but I think it is the best way to end this article:

"When life presents you with reasons to mourn, show that you have a thousand and one reasons to laugh."

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Keys to a good relationship

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Society & You - Psychology
Thursday, 11 April 2013 16:22

When you fall in love for the first time and begins a relationship seems that anything is possible, that love is invincible and nothing can be changed. But, when it is not the first time that one loves, many fears that can interfere with the process of the relationship, fears that come from previous relationships, broken hearts.


Human beings are social by nature, loves nature and dreams by nature. Many have come to think of love as something innate that one need not be taught as we have the ability to feel, but we should also mention that the way we have to bond with people is a learning process that begins as soon as we are alive with person in our care.

We've all heard more than once that love must be looked after, so that one can be a lazy bum or to other aspects of life but when it comes to a relationship these feelings should not exist, because love is curiosity by knowing the other, the desire to accompany him and share with the day to day, is a vision from the present moment. It is a room with someone from a'm with myself.

We could say that there are many keys to a healthy relationship, but there are three things you could say that is the key and the basis of a long lasting relationship, to be closer to happiness.

Good communication between partners

Every relationship, of any kind whatever, needs good communication to get out ahead.

A relationship could think of it as a way to grow with another person and in turn, a way to grow together emotionally and physically.


Communication is a key aspect allowing us to meet our partner in every way, from those things that have been marked, the scars that may be left over from past relationships (whatever they are) to happy memories, important moments He, etc.

Communication and assertiveness are also essential to oneself can say what bothers the other person, namely setting limits, ask for what you need to say "no" when necessary, etc..

When we refer to this key does not focus only on the fact of speaking, if not have the skills necessary to learn to say them in the best way possible, that when we speak we are not hurting the other person, we know enough to be empathetic and meet our couples to know when is the best time to tell it.

A vital project together

Never mind that "opposites attract" or to make a relationship work only if both people have the same tastes, leave these issues aside and focus on what is truly important.

No fundamental aspect for a long term relationship work is that there is a common life project because once you pass the "temporary insanity" that Freud said, we are adrift in a relationship that seems to have no destination .

No talk of losing the spontaneity that gives the spark to the relationship but we are referring to a common future, a future of dreams together of plans, directions, priorities, goals to be achieved ... A life together , a common project, an essence common to both people.

The intimate life

Sure that more than once you've met someone who believes that sex in a relationship is not important, but the reality is that pleasure in a relationship is something that one must not only suck, but must feel and enjoy.


An intimate relationship is not just a physical approach, is the culmination of the feelings in the body, the expression of love in a time that can be magical and memorable because it is an exchange of tenderness, caresses, sensuality ...

In addition, close relationships also help to release the tensions that may exist in the relationship or beyond. Both men and women may have problems in this field by different aspects and it is important not to turn away from these problems and find the solutions necessary for love and intimacy go hand in hand.

Sex is a perfect game that can help you discover yourself through the other and get to know your partner in a way that you would otherwise be impossible. It's fun, collusion, joy, tenderness, passion, delicacy ...

In closing, I wanted to share with you this phrase Dalai Lama has always seemed a perfect summary of what a healthy relationship:

"To give to you love to fly, roots to return and reason to stay"

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How to accompany a person with depression

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Society & You - Psychology
Tuesday, 09 April 2013 11:22

When someone close to us is suffering from depression may feel in many ways, from compassion and understanding for the situation you are in, to feel aggression towards the person himself for not having the strength to leave, to stay anchored in a situation that is damaging rather than fight to live.


What is the daily life of a person suffering from depression?

Sometimes it is very complex to get an idea of ​​how you feel the person is in a state of depression or is undergoing a clinical depression.

Depression runs the senses and the will to fight, no matter what people say, no matter the image one gives to the world because the pain is so great and so absolute that simply breathing absorbs all the energy that person needs to enjoy life.

Hence, often we meet people who do not leave their bed, they do not care to go scruffy, are neglectful of their personal hygiene, they seem to have lost the vacant eyes and how much we try to have a conversation.


The withdrawal also often in people who are going through right now, the vulnerability they feel is so great that the smaller they become more protected feel. This also can be seen in body, it seems that all your body tends to shrink with slumped shoulders and inward, his whole body language is inward.

There are unforgettable phrases that I "just wanted it to end, to end the pain, I did not care if it was disappearing or jumping to three years on, I just wanted to live in pain."

And now, what can you do?

It can be very hard to be next to a depressed person because the only light I saw in the day the lost and usually becomes their whole world of darkness and pessimism to live like a real struggle for existence, for putting in Instead of enjoying. This I will transmit constantly.

You can hear a very repetitive speech is involved in the discredit towards oneself, towards the great loneliness felt even though they are surrounded by crowds or even friends. There are drawing attention, it really is a deep feeling really numbs them on a day to day suffering that truly seems never to will end.


Is likely to end up exhausted, you want to throw in the towel because often you do not want to see how they themselves help to get out of that situation, as I said before, they seem to have lost all energy to maintain breathing is automatic.

One of the best options is to encourage them to go to a psychologist, mostly because he is an outsider who can take care of all these emotions without getting burn or will do as much damage as I can do to you.

Moreover, there are times when just the fact that someone at his side, quietly, suffice to improve the mood and be pacified, sometimes, a conversation can make you forget the world and pain; accompany a walk in the countryside to learn to see life again, to value things and forget as a ray of sunshine through the leaves of trees or the small sound of birds ... I will take time, but it may hurt can leave.


Do not feel guilty if you can not take care of this situation because it really is not your function, can deplete and can damage a lot.

You can talk about how the sun always shines despite the darkness that hangs over his heart, at first you may not understand or be prepared to understand, but gradually, with patience and with care, you will realize that it is time to continue.

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Anyone past was better?

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Society & You - Psychology
Monday, 08 April 2013 12:18

Living in the present or living in the past, accommodated in uncertain future without a past, something that can never relive. Love, friendships, responsibilities ... A past that is gone and for many it becomes a mind that cud and taste as if they had been anchored in that distant time.


The more complex it seems the present and the future seems uncertain enough to pretend to look further, we tend to relive the past staying set in a time that has passed, something that will not return and mitificamos as if the weather had been so best of our lives when always, absolutely always, the best is yet to come.

I have to tell you that any time spent is not better or worse than the present than the future, if we lose hope and optimism that is the hard reality that we face, we are doomed to not move forward, locked in a past that allows us to see the possibilities for change that we face in the present moment or thinking about a future time.

We lose the ability to dream, to imagine, to desire, to strive to achieve our goals.


When we lock in those days that only part of our memory of yesterday's rescue only the positive, we walk through life with blinders on us from enjoying the rays of the sun that are very faint, not so if we are able to assess any of the things that happen to us or to see ourselves.

It's like a breathing machine and the ability to feel every moment is reduced. Some people can shut themselves in order not to risk the only certainty we have that any past was better than what we can live today.

In times like we are experiencing now, it is important not to stay stuck in the past of the glorious days which we live, both in work and personal aspects.


Many relationships can not move in this matter, it seems rather simple, quite understandably, yet devastating for both parties as it is doomed from the start. If one looks at the other what he had in his previous partner, if you live thinking that you can never love as I loved him or that he can not love, you are limiting your relationship because you give or put anything into play.

Having the ability to see the past as something that has helped us become what we are today and, in turn, be able to live in the present enjoy the options we have today, learning to look at life with optimism, we help to think that any past is only past and both present and future can only bring us to enjoy life as never before had done.


Remember, optimism is quality of life.

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