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Saturday, 08 January 2011 10:17

Emotional intelligence, 10 keys, emotional intelligence can be learned and improved. In Depsicología what you have.


Dan Bobinski and leadership training expert, says in an article published in Issues menagement, that emotional intelligence can be learned. In several studies have shown that the greatest difference between average leaders and are rated to have higher levels of emotional intelligence .

Meet, celebrate, learn, control emotions is important. Make decisions, work together to have good relations with the environment, the family , children, emotional intelligence helps us achieve this.

What is emotional intelligence?

It's an ability that allows us to perceive, understand and control our emotions and feelings of others.

The figures are right Dan Bobinski, more than 2 / 3 of the difference between the average professional and is rated in levels of emotional intelligence and when we talk about leaders argos holding high the difference is even larger.

Bobisnki Dan says that although there are complex and profound concepts that could be studied to better understand what is emotional intelligence, there are ten keys that can help improve emotional intelligence.

  • 1 - When you think of the personality styles should be discarded ideas "good" or "bad." People are just different.
  • 2 - People identify with different difficult than it actually is only difficult because people have not learned to work effectively with differences.
  • 3 - Like a stick has two ends, people have strengths and weaknesses. All have strengths and weaknesses associated with all the weaknesses associated fortress. Each person chooses which end of the "stick" will get their attention.
  • 4 - All styles of personality "add" to the strength of a team. Only a matter of focusing on strengths rather than weaknesses. Who focuses on the strengths get stronger and who makes the weaknesses becomes weaker.
  • 5 - Find the strengths in the different styles is not something that is of course, but must be achieved by constant effort. emociones1
  • 6 - can not be effective if it is expected that everyone is on the spot.
  • 7 - Can not assume it knows what another person means to win, you can have a general idea but to be truly effective ... it is best to ask.
  • 8 - Putting personal goals above the rest, the team, the mission or vision of the organization, it creates divisions greatly weakened the ability to maximize results.
  • 9-effectiveness is about doing the right thing and efficiency to do so quickly. When working with people's effectiveness is rarely effective. The best results are usually obtained when you take the time to do things properly through different relationships.
  • 10 - One thing is to understand these points, and quite another, is to take place, Wink . The longest path can be almost 46 cm between the head and heart.

If you want a test guideline for how emotional intelligence you click on the image.


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