Attraction and love

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Monday, 08 February 2010 16:42

The attraction and love are linked. Before you can ever develop a sense of love is to feel that attraction or inclination toward a particular person. In Depsicología talk about attraction and love.

fuerza-de-atraccion1 The attraction is important to create social relations. Love is based on attraction, but also the friendship is based on attraction and affinity. There are people for whom you are attracted and his company is pleasing you and conversely why people feel rejected and you dislike your company. Friendly relations among people are satisfied that we are attracted to appreciate his personality and company.

In relation to the attraction and love in social psychology emphasize the so-called "attraction mechanisms":

  • Physicist
  • Personality
  • The Environment
  • The timing
  • The mystery


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  • The physical is important in mate choice. It's the first thing that enters your eyes. Although it is not only or primarily a harmonious physical and pleasing to the eye increases the chance of attracting the opposite sex.
  • It is precisely what makes us different from each sex what attracts us most. Long hair on women, narrow waist, hips, chest. The physical strength in men and so on. In general we like the features provided, symmetrical faces. Tends to assume that a symmetrical face has better genetic material than we would ensure a better chance of healthy children.
    • In women visual ideal physical proportions is the ratio of waist-to-hip ratio of 0.7. This is that the waist should be at least 70% of the hip. The faces of women with boyish features and well proportioned body. Contrary to the belief of many women to men, more women are attracted to shapes and curves that very thin women. It is precisely in the men's height is a variable attractive physical strength men wide well muscled and so on.


  • Timing:

  • The timing is important in that they may have attraction relationship. If the timing is not right, if there are other events that prevent the attraction this approach does not take place. You have to be somewhat receptive to new experiences, meet other people. It's hard to love when you're focused on other matters and did not know anyone.
  • Women often have more "memory" of the situation, the small details that occurred in the meetings and first dates. The men often focus more on the physical details, their attraction is more visual. Timing is an important feature you're a couple or want to find new friends.

    misterio y amor

    The Mystery:

  • The mystery is a component of seduction. People mysteriously attract us. The mystery adds novelty and newness is a source of information for our brains. Fires Dopamine is the neurotransmitter associated with pleasant sensations.


  • The attraction of personality plays an important role. The charisma, the ability of expression, self-confidence. The personality difference to people from one another, personality may be a claim for seduction. There are great seductive, seductive good looks did not have a like Napoleon Bonaparte or Woody Allen thanks to his charismatic successful in attracting the opposite sex.


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