Learning languages ​​from small

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Society & You - Psychology
Friday, 13 April 2012 08:49

Psychology Today we talk about the importance of children begin to learn other languages ​​from small and it will be much easier to acquire the language as their own and will open many doors, both the labor market and the world at large.

Master at least two languages ​​is essential, especially English, as far is the universal language we can communicate in many of the countries.

Every time children begin to learn languages ​​from an early age, since they reach the nursery or start their early school years begin to hear their first words in English, for example.

Children's drawings also are adjusting to this important need to learn languages ​​at an early age, as Pocoyo drawings that kids love and who pay attention, have begun to submit two versions: Castilian and English.

Learning a language is much easier when you start studying since childhood because the child can buy it as his own, and in adolescence or adulthood are more difficult to master.

It is true that they are so small they can not tell which words are from one language or another since they incorporate both languages ​​together, but this would be an initial confusion with more learning and developing with a little time, children would be able to differentiate one language from another.

It is imperative to give them the opportunity to become bilingual, to facilitate things for the future and who knows, maybe have a future home of an embassy interpreter, interpreters or a senior manager full of dreams.

The sooner you start learning a language, better and at school is already possible to start very young.

An important choice for a good future development.