Kleptomania | the urge to steal

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Wednesday, 15 February 2012 08:25

Kleptomania, the impulse to steal. Causes, treatment of kleptomania. The person suffering from kleptomania steals to feel emotion rather than the economic value of their booty.

They tend to steal things that do not need. In Depsicología.com tell you more of the impulse to steal Kleptomania.

Cleptomanía | el impulso por robar

The Kleptomania

  • It is in disorders of impulse control such as pathological gambling, pyromania or trichotillomania.
  • When this condition exists the person can not control the urge to commit robberies of all kinds of objects, some may be of value but are generally insignificant objects ...
  • Ashtrays, paper, pens. Sometimes the kleptomaniac who stole or remember. If the person wanted could buy this object, but instead feels the urge to steal.
  • Kleptomania is officially recognized in the United States in 1960.
  • The behaviors associated with kleptomania lead a person to legal and personal problems.

According to the DSM-IV, the official criteria for the diagnosis of kleptomania:

  • The person can not control the urge to steal things that do not need
  • The person experiences satisfaction, pleasure or relief when carrying out the robbery
  • The robbery is not an expression of anger or other emotion.
  • The stealing is not better accounted for by another mental disorder, as one of behavior, antisocial personality disorder, or manic phase of manic depressive.

Cleptomanía | el impulso por robar

Kleptomania Causes

  • During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries when kleptomania a disease more common in women, associated with a disease that could be typically female caudate by the reproductive system.

Kleptomania and OCD

  • Kleptomania is considered as part of a obsessive compulsive disorder . The person feels a irresistible inclination to commit theft. It also has in common with the existence of OCD rituals and unnecessary actions that often accompany OCD.
  • Kleptomania likewise have similarities with addictive disorders and mood.

  • People with kleptomania are not necessarily more likely to have major depression or obsessive compulsive disorder or a bipolar, but if they are more likely to have any of these problems or substance abuse.
  • There seems to be some genetic component to the disease, as kleptomaniacs are more likely to have close relatives who have a substance abuse disorder or a disorder of impulse control.

Treatment Kleptomania

Among the approaches to treat kleptomania are:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • The insight-oriented therapy which aims to improve the underlying psychological problems that can contribute to impulse to steal.
  • Drug treatments such as paroxetine, lithium, fluvosamina, buspirone, naltrexone.
  • Treatment with opioid antagonists, mood stabilizers have shown promise in treating kleptomania.
  • Yet more research is needed to determine the best way to treat kleptomania.

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