How to survive the first date?

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Thursday, 16 May 2013 16:46

Many relationships are possible in the beginning, without being able to write a story or find out if there might be something really nice including because many times the nerves fail and prevents the spark arises. Did you ever happened to you? Today we survive a first date.


Having a moment of intimacy is one of the biggest fears that can happen by a person exposed to the eyes of another for which he feels something special, their greatest fears come to light, want to please the other but Y but it gets?. You want to be an interesting person but what if it felt like someone boring or extremely cocky?

What about on a first date?

The best one can do on a first date is to be yourself, let go and enjoy the moment, being who he is. Despite this statement in which I stand, yes it is advisable to avoid at least two issues for the other person feel comfortable and gives a relaxed conversation.

According to a study by the dating portal "singles SingletonSearch" which is relying on the opinion of 700 women, on a first date should not talk about politics or about the old couples.

Both issues are considered as the worst conversation for a first appointment. First, the policy may bring disagreements from minute one, or depending on the person you have in front, it can be boring. Talking about past partners is tasteful, first because it gives the impression that has not been exceeded and second because a first date is to be known and not those who will become "rivals".

laughing couple

What if there are moments of silence?

Many people fear the moments of silence and start talking about anything to avoid it. This is not the solution. There are people looking for those moments of silence because they can be reflective or mean something positive, to be quiet next to someone without actually being uncomfortable can be a prelude to something really good.

If this happens, take a deep breath and wait. Conversation may emerge quietly, that the other person to share with you what he's thinking or just stay as a moment but avoid bodily tension, can be noticed.

Look attraction

Can you talk about sex on a first date?

Beware of this because it is an issue that is on the line. Let's say you can make a comment ambiguous or some joke that can put sparkling conversation and quite another not stop talking about sex, they make rude comments or unfortunate that the only feeling that is going to cause a person to think that one is gone and will smell of desperation.

Moreover, maintaining intimate relationships on a first date s it is something that everyone has to weigh whether or not to take that step. For some it is early when you have a serious relationship and get suckered by something other than the "one-night" you usually wait to take the plunge or to accept the proposition, because if we continue with the previous thoughts can generate misunderstandings .

A misstep or a quick step can ruin everything, while only expect good stretch a little more and keep that desire more intensely for longer.

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Passing the exams without dying in the attempt

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Society & You - Psychology
Friday, 10 May 2013 11:50

We are in the final stretch of the school year, which translates into exams! More than a cry of joy, anguish would be because that's how many students come feel so now, how to pass the exams without dying in the attempt? We started the set-up for the big time.


What can it mean anxiety before an exam?

The tests are constantly in our lives, since one basic instruction begins until the end of compulsory education, vocational training, postgraduate, masters ... And despite the amount of testing we do at the end of life, rarely reaches the moment you do not feel anxious or concerned about the end result.

From my point of view, one of the key ways to help and understand a student is to know the value of the test or the studios have for him, knowing what is at stake when facing the "know it , I do not know "," Approved, suspense ".

When a student is pursuing a career there are several aspects that we should consider, if you study this race because I really feel passionate about it, if there is no motivation and is simply to occupy their time or because nothing caught his attention or did not reach the cutting note, if you study this career because you do not want to disappoint their parents and fulfill their role for him shall ...

You see, in this case not only be talking about the anxiety but an examination other reasons that make this time of questioning about their knowledge is much more than knowing or not knowing.

Reduce anxiety

Anxiety and anxiety often accompany steadily students during these months. This is shown in different ways with binge eating or conversely, you lose the desire to eat, it seems that one does not rest for many hours he sleeps or is difficult to achieve the dream, the mood is irritable and cranky ... It's an emotional overflow with a solution.


Everyone has their techniques to cope with test anxiety, for those who feel they are risking their lives and future in a role many make the leap to the opposite side and try to minimize what the consequences mentally suspense.

Relaxation techniques can resultaros truly useful when studying, it may seem a waste of time because it takes hours reality is that relaxation facilitates learning is generated. So that you can implement these articles I leave as a guide:

Sleep and Memory

Sleep and memory are inextricably linked, it is essential that you can rest your anxiety level decreasing.


In these articles you will find interesting information in order to get achieve the dream and how it relates to memory:

The effect of music

Depending on the type of music we listen we can reach a state of relaxation in wakefulness, reduce anxiety levels and even use it to remember specific issues have been studied in the meantime:

music for sleep

Study Skills

I put it as the last section because many people need to feel anxiety and stress because they have spent time to start studying really, so study skills are often not carried out. But I want you to have something in mind, if you really like what you are studying or you consider that you will be beneficial for the future, if you carry just about study skills and study with time you can better assimilate knowledge.

Study techniques are the key to success and really, it's not the last day to study because it is when they all attacks of anxiety and guilt.


What mental illnesses are the most searched on Google?

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Society & You - Psychology
Thursday, 09 May 2013 17:21

Can you imagine what the disease or mental disorder in Google searches? The truth is that after discovering what are the diseases most wanted in this internet browser, according to the study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine I realized that I have not successful, do you?

mental illness

It would be too much to say that mental illness is most searched on Google leads to mental illness with the highest prevalence in the population but we might think they are the diseases that most concern or attract the attention of the general population, since Although we have other media, internet and Google both have become an important source of information frequently.

The study of which today we echo has been published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. To carry out this study has had access to the data and statistics on searches that were conducted through the Google search engine for four years, from 2006 until 2010.

Results of the study

Honestly, there are several results that have caught my attention and I think it can seros of interest:


First, it was found that more information is sought mental illness during the winter months than during the summer. We hypothesize that during the winter we spend more time at the computer and with the good weather we spend more hours away from home, we interact more, we better smoke ... But only hypothesis.

Eating disorders, both anorexia and bulimia are the most searched through this search engine. Furthermore, it is seen that during the winter looking for a 40% more information about these disorders. To understand the importance of this disorder compared to others, as a hypothesis, we know that eating disorders also known as "Ana and Mia" have a strong host in the network where we can find multiple blogs and personal websites in which they promote these disorders, racing spoken kilos, shared tricks, etc.. But also, they begin to have blogs that counteract this influence with sound information and solutions.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is also one of the most sought disorders and, we think this is related to disease has become fashionable since many children are diagnosed with this disorder. Many consider an epidemic diagnosed how massively and often incorrectly. Furthermore, also in this condition the influence of summer see the search for this season reduced between 18 and 15%.

Other data of interest, is that the search of the term suicide during the summer down to 25%, in the same way that the search on schizophrenia declines by 36-37% in this season.

Still do not know what may be due, I have left my hypothesis and I'll be happy to read yours.

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Source: ChiguireBipolar


Hiding of emotions

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Society & You - Psychology
Wednesday, 08 May 2013 13:03

We are in the company of reason, everything happens for logic and nothing for the heart. Feeling emotions and let go after the feelings seem to sensitive people is now what appears to be "synonymous" with weak and vulnerable person Is this reality?

not feel

These days it seems to feel is a risk test, a threat that can not even be thought to face her. Each time it tends to hide deep feelings of the heart that do not affect decisions to the various situations of life or day to day.

We find an education that teaches children not to mourn because that is girls. Adolescents who accept that a person who loves to mistreat them because it seems that love is worth everything, assuming that love is to suffer when nothing further from reality because then What love?. Youths who prefer relationships halftime or a night to safeguard the ability to be damaged and that pain devastate them. Adults who are locked in relationships where there is nothing to them one but with no way out or in the best cases, people finally realize that life is about living and stop suffering. Elderly aging in solitude hardest because at a certain age they are seen as cabinets with which must be loaded without seeing beyond individualism.

It seems we are in a black and white society in which we lost long gray tones of thought and feeling. Either everything or nothing. Or now or never. Or as a good friend "love is deprecated" Is it true?


When I read that more and more people suffering from depression, that suicide rates do not go down or that people have trouble communicating, I can only wonder at what point we decided to put emotions aside and make the heart muscle only keeps us alive.

Emotions nourish us, allow us to see life as something more than just breathing, living in the moment and not count the days until the weekend to rest when we should live every day as the last, as the maximum expression of ourselves in a body that is perishable.

It's hard to hear "I love you" without sounding strange to see people hugging in the street without having a relationship, or a word of thanks or a look full of meaning. We are in the culture of not feel or express we feel, because if we love we are vulnerable and if we talk about our feelings are people who are weak, the jokes appear in place of empathy.


How there will be an increasing rate of people with depression if we can talk about our feelings with anyone, if we can not name them by name emotions, if not we hide the feelings deep plunging to not invade our razocinio. The first word that comes to mind when you think depression is sadness, a feeling, is the output of all that we have catapulted for months. An uncontrollable weeping, as the output of all the emotions that no words, a gap in the depths of the person as what has always been hidden and now can not be filled.

Dare to live and no longer hide what you feel, enjoy every one of the rays of the sun and the reflection of each of the moons, the sun rises in the hope of discovering that life throws at you and learn to find the good side of the things can never lose optimism. It may take time, but the result is eternal, is happiness.

late afternoon

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