How to reduce your cholesterol enjoying food

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Wednesday, 20 March 2013 16:38

It's often regarded as a disease cholesterol range because it suffers less frequently but the reality is that because of that, we should take into account its importance to improve our diet How can we reduce it while enjoying the good food?


Can you reduce your cholesterol with a change in food?

A few months ago we were at the Flora pro.activ challenge that took place in Redueña , a town of Madrid, in which most of its inhabitants have cholesterol problems.

The goal of this challenge was to reduce their cholesterol levels using products Flora Pro Activ range (made from plant sterols), which are in combined with other activities with residents as pilates or zumba classes, nutrition and cooking classes for to learn to cook in a more healthy.

We were engaged just a day, sharing classes but we were at the expense of knowing if the change really happened.

Study Results

Today we have received the results of the challenge and we had informed in advance that plant sterols produced a reduction of cholesterol by 7-10% in 2-3 weeks if consumed 2 servings a day of Flora pro.activ and if all this was framed by a balanced diet and exercise.

The data to which we had access show on average a reduction of 7.1% in just three weeks. If we focus on LDL cholesterol (the "bad" cholesterol) showed decreases on average by 13%.

If you also want to try these products you can get coupons here, but the important thing is that if you decide to reduce your cholesterol levels you must guard these two aspects: balanced diet and exercise, the improvement will be evident without analysis, you will feel physically and emotionally better.

We'd love to hear your experiences to reduce cholesterol levels as if you tried Flora pro.activ.

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Benefits of rest

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Society & You - Health
Friday, 15 March 2013 17:40

The tips we are clear for healthy living are: Eat healthy, drink lots of water and exercise regularly. But there is something that becomes important and unfortunately forgets easily. I make you a question How many of you could make sure that actually sleeps 8 hours a day? Today the benefits of rest.


The demands at work and personal life reconciled not leave us much time to restore our vital energy. When the battery of a device stops working, we recharge to be effective again. Our body becomes our life battery. At the end of the day we always need to take a good rest. But you know what are the benefits of rest?

Benefits of proper rest

We avoid stress: When enough sleep is very beneficial for our body, it needs to recover from all the stress and damage from external factors. Since reestablish sleeping body and mind.

Lose weight: Resting less than 7 hours can make a difference in our metabolism. Sleep Deprivation encourages eating much sweeter because our hormones need more energy. We are looking for a good Pikolin and rest.

It keeps your heart healthy and stable: When we sleep well and the hours needed our blood pressure low, favoring the lower blood cholesterol also. What we prevent more risks of cardiovascular disease.

Reduces the risk of depression: we lie sleeping all chemical processes in our body are stabilized.

Improve your attention span and memory: Proper rest allows us to be much more aware of what is happening around us, improving further our memory.

Well, these 5 benefits of rest we have to add one last utility. And is that a good rest helps us to get up on the right foot, start the day with a smile, feel good about ourselves, and fill us with optimism. Have you seen these days the hashtag # AmiPlin ? It is a stream of positivity Pikolin is holding in his last campaign, in which not only encourages people to join the optimism and bright side of things, also gives us tools we can, because Pikolin has launched a range of mattresses "My Plin" with a 40% discount. There's no excuse to dream every night positive.



Happiness can be related to the nap

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Society & You - Health
Friday, 15 March 2013 15:52

Sleeping to be happy. This is the recipe for happiness we seek. Sleep is the recipe we defend to the hilt the risers rein in those who think that sleep is a waste of time, we have more important things to do and that is something that can be postponed. Really a waste of time? The answer is NO, now you will see why.


Rest is a very important part of our life. Sure you will agree that the days in which we could relax those eight hours we therefore recommend regulatory, crestfallen face the day, with even negative feelings and do not give the best of ourselves.

If the negative attitude that causes lack of sleep we add that the current situation of our country, as you know, does not give us much joy, we have no choice but to get down to work to change our daily life.

The first thing to do is to plan our time better to rest at night. And when it comes to rest, we talked about getting enough sleep and good. Although durmáis eight hours, if you do not in a good mattress and you will not be totally relaxed enjoy adequate rest. Getting enough sleep, well, remember.

The second issue we have to solve is the attitude with which we get up every day, and that you will join me to recommend that the initiative # AmiPlin . This stream has launched Pikolin positivism that encourages people to see the positive side of things, you get the best of your smiles in any situation, including more complicated. And face life with optimism, generates an internal state of happiness, relaxation of mind and body, and consequently, to rest much better. Everything is connected! So you know, if you follow our recommendations on the break and you give a positive spin on your attitude with # Amiplin and Pikolin , happiness is within reach of your hand.



The 5 rules to be healthy

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Society & You - Health
Tuesday, 12 March 2013 19:32

We currently have five rules to maintain proper health, and more specifically, to get in shape. These tips are ideal for back to enjoying those jeans and bikinis so beautiful that you bought in advance and you can no longer wear due to excess weight. Staying fit is not easy, but with hard work, perseverance and a little rules make it.


The secret is to drink plenty of fluids, allowing us to have a good urine output to eliminate toxins from our body, preventing further fluid retention.

The 5 rules to be healthy

Performs daily sports and moderately: Take your Maya, your helmet and your gloves and ride your bicycle forgotten garage. By the way, if you want to change your bike or any product designed for sport, with Trocathlon can change your old bike for a cash voucher. You can see all the details in the video.

Following the basic rules, the second is the correct diet. To achieve good fitness and health is important to eat healthy and forget about making quick intakes, ie lunch or dinner in 10 minutes. Since the only thing that will get fat.

Rest the necessary hours. Much or too little, just enough rest, between 6 and 8 hours daily to take on the world. Your body and brain are like a mobile battery. To keep them running properly you must plug your charger: bed, sofa ...

Do not drink alcohol or smoke, you just bring headaches both your social life and your pocket. Forget this.

Live life to the fullest. Seizing opportunities in life and enjoy. Meet places and cultures, talk with people, will help you free yourself of the stress you accumulate because of work. Forget the problems.


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