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Thursday, 11 April 2013 17:13

If we knew all the properties that contain fruits and foods available to us, I sincerely believe that we would stop eating so many chemicals and would value the power of nature.


The cherimoya is known for its gastronomy and taste all the dishes that can be done with it, but here I want to focus on the influence it has on health.

There are medical issues that almost seem a myth or legend so that it reaches the custard and, as always, I encourage you to take a critical eye to what you read but may be also open to possibilities beneficial that gives us the fruit.

That said, there are people who say the cherimoya have the ability to kill cancer cells and even claim that is much stronger than chemotherapy with no side effects. Furthermore, they claim that the smoothie or juice of this fruit helps prevent disease

cherimoya juice

The cherimoya is also used to regulate intestinal transit so many nutritionists recommend it to those who suffer from constipation. If you have enjoyed a large meal and take the custard for dessert, this gut reaction intensifies as fiber containing gives laxative properties.

The cherimoya has a satiating effect so it can be an interesting food for those who are conducting a weight control diet.

If you suffer from indigestion, and your diet has been reduced, it can consume food with ease as it is considered easy to digest.

This fruit contains multiple vitamins among which vitamin C and vitamin A, which is associated with antioxidant effects, prevention of colds, facilitates the absorption of iron, smoother skin longer, etc.


It also contains minerals like calcium, iron and phosphorus. Besides being a source of potassium, these four are necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

If you are going through a time of stress or anxiety, this fruit is also attributed anxiolytic and tranquilizers.

After reading all this, makes you want to eat custard!

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Do you feel tired in Spring? It can be caused by iron deficiency

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Society & You - Health
Thursday, 11 April 2013 10:00

Tiredness, irritability, lack of concentration, are some of the disorders that can suffer for lack of iron in blood. Do you suffer from any of these symptoms? You may have lack of this mineral. Healthy Living Today we give you the advice and why iron deficit in seasonal changes. Do not know why you're tired? We tell you what.


Who are more prone to loss of iron?

In changing seasons, preferably when we move from winter to spring or summer to autumn, people suffer a loss of iron which results in our body disorders, affecting even our way of being. Irritability, change in character, tiredness, lack of concentration, ... are one of the few symptoms that you may suffer if you lack this element.

The iron loss also affects women who are of childbearing age, that is, that menses is lost this mineral called iron. So you should do something about it.

Proper diet and food supplements


The solution to these disorders in our body is the consumption of iron-rich foods , but these foods do not contain enough iron you need to cover the losses, so it is advisable to supplement the diet with food supplements like Floradix.

These supplements help you complete your reservations necessary iron, as long as you take the advice it gives your GP. It is recommended that the taking of these supplements is between meals, since our body absorbs much better when we have an empty stomach, as well accompany it with juices rich in vitamin C, such as orange juice, which helps the absorption of this .

Before taking any dietary supplement is advisable that you go to your doctor to rule out any illness you may have.


The stress of family events: weddings, communions, baptisms

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Society & You - Health
Wednesday, 10 April 2013 13:33

When it comes time to celebrate these family events, whatever they are, many people live with more excitement and even anxiety, are not able to enjoy the time has come once What you need to get rid of anxiety?


Stress is one of the issues we have discussed in Healthy Living conditions for all it can do to the body from poor digestion, binge eating, insomnia, cholesterol, etc.. And of course, we are forced to ask ourselves what can we do?

First, you should always try to lead a healthy and balanced diet, without excesses or deficits as often as we talk about binge there are also people who were close appetite. One way to eliminate stress and anxiety is to exercise so reserve a few hours a week to desfogarte.

If you see that is affecting your sleep rhythm sleep can prepare infusions that may be composed of orange blossom, lemon balm, linden, rosemary, etc.. You can see in our articles or speak directly to a naturist you trust.


Also, a tip that I never tire of repeating, and that is usually very soothing, is the targeting on a sheet all that is needed to prepare for the event and provided in advance. Thus, we have everything under control and we will be only because of random things.

For example, invitations to such events tend to bring more of a headache as you have to choose something that will satisfy all parties, or communion reminders also have to like the main character and as online media increasingly are used I suggest you see him different models to choose from with more comfort. You have many shops, including sendmoments cards which is the latest I've ever met.

Nerves do not help anyone is a reality so I encourage you not to take charge of everything, do not apply to the full extent of a celebration and divides tasks with yours.


Vinegar: Cleaning with natural products

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Society & You - Health
Wednesday, 10 April 2013 11:33

Vinegar is not only indispensable in our kitchens as a key ingredient for dressing our salads, but is great to save some money and get a much cleaner house without using chemicals or toxic.


In the past I've talked about the properties of vinegar for health and looking for more information on this product, I found that vinegar is beneficial even for our home. If we stop using harmful chemicals and skin both to our lungs, we are much better Do not you think?

Our proposed today is the use of vinegar:

Vinegar as brightener

This product may be overlooked can be used to clean wood, tile, stainless steel or even mirrors and crystals.

Vinegar removes lime

For example, if we focus on the taps in the bathrooms that are likely to accumulate lime, simply remove them and leave them in vinegar. Similarly you can remove the coffee, putting the fire with vinegar like coffee.

cleaning vinegar

Eliminates rallajos DVDs and CDs

With a soft cloth and a little vinegar, just a matter of cleaning it gently.

Eliminates odors

Cunado a house has bad odor is a constant struggle trying to remove them. If you want to remove the smell of paint in a room, the best you can do is fill a bowl with vinegar and leave it in the room during the time the smell remains.

You can do the same process with the smells from the fridge, you just have to put in a container with vinegar diluted in water.

If the drain, put a little baking soda with half a cup of vinegar and cover the drain, they pass 15 minutes remove the cap and rinse with cold water.

It also removes odors from the kitchen and even the smoke on clothing, just put a little vinegar in the tub with hot water and put the clothes to soak.

vinegar uses

Removes rust.

Both cookware as in other items with oxides, use vinegar to wash but use it gently.

To take off stickers

If you want to remove stickers, use vinegar, will emerge much easier

Ants away from home

In spring the ants show up, a way to avoid it is to mix equal parts vinegar and water and spray the corners.

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