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Monday, 25 July 2011 10:53

The muscle dysmorphia or vigorexia is a psychological disorder in which the sufferer sees his body distorted.

This is similar to anorexia , it's just the reverse. In anorexia, the patient is fat when in reality it is thin, the muscle tone is vigorexia weakened, his limp body when in fact his body is well muscled.

Another difference is that anorexia often suffer especially the women while the vigorexia, statistically, more men suffer.

Faced with this distorted and unpleasant to them, often do more exercise, weights and specific diets to get more muscle.

Choose a diet based on high-carbohydrate, protein, with a very low fat intake. All too often, may be present consumption of anabolic / androgenic or substances.

The consequences of this disease is a constant obsession with the body and this, being a normal body becomes disproportionate to their size and physique due to overexertion.

To achieve its objective, which is to have a perfectly muscled body, can leave their daily activities such as family, social relationships, employment, etc. Everything to spend more hours in the gym or doing exercise.

Certainly you should not relate the fact of exercising regularly and healthy, have vigorexia.

And while we know that prevention would be the best step, prior cultural values ​​should be changed following the society to eliminate the search for the superficial.


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