MIR 2011

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Monday, 06 September 2010 22:10

El Mir 2011, changes, dates of submission of the request, calls plazas MIR 2011.

MIR test in Spain is needed to enter medical specialties. Physicians preparing for the MIR has behind him many hours of study and illusions. In Demedicina we remember all medical graduates who are preparing the MIR 2011.


The MIR stands for Internal Medical Resident. The MIR is a training course of between three and five years of medical graduates and is done working in the public hospital under the supervision of experienced physicians.

The various specialties of medicine has a place in the MIR. To access this course has previously adopted a test that also takes the same name MIR.

The call is annual, such opposition is a test known for its high level of demand, it takes many hours of study, will and talent to achieve exam to MIR.

MIR 2011

As published in the BOE on August 7, 2010.

  • The MIR 2011 consist of 225 questions, plus 10 reserve and 30 of these questions, the statement will be with pictures or graphics.

  • The dates are similar to 2009.

  • Presentation of instances in late September, early October 2010

  • MIR examination in late 2011 in January 2011

MIR 2011

2010 MIR data are there 45% of residents in Spain are foreign graduates.

According to the Confederation of Medical Unions (CESM), there is a lack of proportion between the number of places offered and the number of people opting to these places, between Spanish and foreign (EU and non EU).

  • Only four years ago had to compete with 8,000 physicians who took the MIR to get one of the 6,500 seats were offered.
  • The call of the last year 2010 the topic was fired. Were 13 500 doctors who auditioned for a total of 6,900 spaces.

This year medical graduates from outside the European Union will have more difficulty accessing the MIR examination and secure a place. The Ministry of Health has provided two key measures

  • Consider a non-physicians who all but take some time living in Spain if they are only under the justification of a residence permit or a student visa.

  • 2-On the other, not to admit the test who have not completed the approval of a bachelor's degree will be accepted to those who are in the pipeline.

Médicos Mir Hospital General Castellón

Why should the increase of foreign persons who are submitted to MIR?

  • Thanks to the media as the Internet, we are in the process of globalization. Doctors can find out the eligibility requirements for the MIR, approved its title, study and take the exam.
  • It has been conveyed "the idea" that lack specialists in Spain after coming to Spain to approve the MIR is an option that many foreigners are raised to improve their future.
  • Miguel Angel Garcia of The CESM, says that they are also doctors from other countries coming to Spain and those doctors would surely be needed in their own countries.
  • The unions asked the Ministry of Health to return to the original positions of the calls MIR, which marked that 10% of the seats were for non-EU graduates. We are now 45% of seats occupied by MIR medical graduates of foreign origin.

If you want to know the places Call 2011 MIR

In Demedicina we care about your opinion, have you submitted or are preparing to MIR 2011 MIR?, If you want to leave a comment. Thanks for reading Demedicina.com

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