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Sunday, 18 July 2010 21:50

What is pyorrhea?

Pyorrhea, periodontitis or periodontal diseases are diseases that affect the tissue surrounding the teeth or held in the jaws. In Demedicina talk about pyorrhea or pariodontitis.


Pyorrhea called Periodontitis and periodontal diseases involve inflammation of tissues and are caused by bacteria. Depending on the degree of damage are called:

  • Gingivitis - in this case the inflammatory process affects only the gum surface shape are unaffected tissues that hold the tooth.
  • Periodontiti s: When the inflammatory process if it affects the bones and ligaments supporting the teeth. If periodontitis is not destroying the medium evolves where the tooth and may lose the tooth.

Symptoms Pyorrhoea

Redness and swelling of the gum

Bleeding gums when brushing teeth

Increased tooth sensitivity, when you take something cold bothers you.

Receding gums, optically you think about having their teeth longer.

Mobility of teeth

Separating teeth

The gums are bothering you burning

Appearance of boils on the gums.

Halitosis, bad breath .


Causes of pyorrhea and periodontal diseases

These are diseases of infectious nature. Caused by bacteria. These bacteria live in our mouth around the teeth. If not eliminated properly gain access to the space between the tooth and gum and can colonize the space growing, multiplying and causing inflammation reactions characteristic of these diseases.

There are factors that contribute bacteria to multiply and are stress and snuff . A good dental hygiene and regular visits to your dentist is the best prevention.

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