All medical advances 2013: Alzheimer's, cancer, AIDS

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Monday, 21 January 2013 16:10

All medical advances that exist today, many of them are in the experimental stage, may lengthen the quality of our lives and the longevity of it for many years. We must remember that incurable disease of centuries ago are now virtually eradicated. As we open a hopeful future.

medical advances-2013-

Some people, now living more than a century, it seems incredible but true, will we be able to live for more than two centuries? Will eradicated incurable diseases today ? In a thousand years, will open the debate (or so I think), that whether it is ethical or not to achieve immortality through advances in medicine. So today in Demedicina, medical breakthroughs of 2013.

Medical advances 2013

Aids against leukemia

AIDS agrees with white blood cells to fight and destroy leukemia. Recently we have seen in a statement the case of a girl named Emma Whitehead, of only seven years, he has managed to leave behind acute lymphoblastic leukemia by a new cancer treatment.

Emma Whitehead

It has long followed the girl and other conventional medical treatments that are applied in cases that are the same, including the popular and aggressive chemotherapy and, despite everything, the disease continued its course worsening health of the child with each passing day . Then opted for new experimental treatment not without irrigation, but says its theoretical basis may be functional.

The treatment involves removing white blood million inserting the AIDS virus (HIV) but genetically inactivated blood back to the patient. With this, modify the genes of white blood cells to learn to destroy these cancer cells or cancer.

Possible cure for Alzheimer's

35 million people with the disease, a figure that will increase exponencialmente.Esto is because life expectancy is increasing in all patients. As translated into a global public health problem.


The first treatments of Alzheimer's cure are failing because they are doing with people who have this disease is very advanced and too late. But do the treatment to patients who have the genetic disposition but are still healthy can prevent it.

The drug is named Crenezumab   and has the objective of which is not deposited amyloid in the brain for not kill neurons. This drug, besides avoiding the start of the disease process, would remove the deposit. So if the hypothesis is correct on amyloid, the medicine should work.

Successfully tested vaccines against AIDS and is expected to be made ​​this year in people

HIV is transmitted in many ways, some 34 million people in the world are infect with the virus known as HIV and more than 25 million people have died of AIDS, according to the UN agency. There is no single easy way to prevent infection and appears on the horizon a vaccine that is considered the best hope to defeat the virus.


Research has shown that this experimental vaccine helped protect a group of monkeys that were destined to die by the AIDS virus, giving new hope for a more effective vaccine in people. Pose already do human trials later this month of January 2013.

The vaccine reduced the risk of infection by 80% among animals that were exposed to a version of "primate" of the virus, while monkeys in which infection occurred had lower amounts of the virus in the blood.