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Friday, 02 March 2012 08:44

What is an arthroscopy ? When indicated arthroscopy performed. In Demedicina tell you more about arthroscopy.



  • 1 - Arthroscopy itself is a diagnostic test of internal structures like bones, is made ​​by inserting a device that is light and provides information on the joint through a small incision.
  • It's called arthroscopy. Arthroscopy is used commonly to help diagnose problems with joints like knee, hip or shoulder. It allows the doctor a precise evolution of ligament injuries and other estructucturas.
  • 2-Then there is the arthroscopic surgery that commonly called "arthroscopy ".

Our joints

  • Are complex systems within a joint, ligaments attach to bones and other bones , tendons, muscles, cartilage. At present due to the increase in sports injuries are more tendons, muscles or bones. Arthroscopy is an effective tool in the diagnosis and treatment of these injuries.
  • Arthroscopy is a technique used by all orthopedic surgeons to treat patients of all ages.
  • Thanks aa arthroscopy doctors can see inside the joint structures are damaged. Arthroscopy also advances the diagnosis by doing so we can diagnose problems that were previously difficult to detect.


The arthroscope

  • Is an instrument that contains magnifying glass fiber coated with sending a concentrated light beam to the joint. A camera attached to the arthroscope allows the surgeon to see the picture of the joint.
  • This image is transferred to a monitor in the operating room at the time of arthroscopy.
  • This technology is used also in the case of an arthroscopic surgery.
  • If after doing a scan with the arthroscope, the surgeon decides it has to make a traditional operation, or open the joint, the photographic record obtained is useful for the surgeon in planning surgery.

When performing the test

  • The doctor will do a complete medical history and an assessment of patient discomfort. This is to verify that arthroscopy is necessary discarding the patient has some other type of pain that takes you to relate it to the joint when it may not be.


  • All elements of the arthroscope are properly disinfected.
  • The doctor may put a brown gum above the joint to temporarily block blood flow to the area during the arthroscopic examination.
  • You can use anesthesia during local or general test. Usually local anesthesia is used because it reduces the risk of lung cancer and heart complications. Local anesthesia allows the patient to recover soon and can return home.
  • The anesthetic is injected in small quantities in several areas of skin in a process called infiltration, or directly injected into the spinal cord.
  • The process blocks pain below the trunk.


Post operative

  • After arthroscopy, the patient will spend time in the recovery room. Most patients go home after spending an hour in the recovery room. Your doctor may prescribe medication for pain for a short period of time.
  • After the procedure the patient must be alert to signs of infection such as excessive pain, the swelling , sensation of heat. To prevent infection it is advisable to avoid moisture in the area, we recommend covering the area with a plastic bag when someone is showering.

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