Exploring the breasts to prevent Breast Cancer

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Friday, 17 May 2013 11:05


Today's article is very important for all women. I want to give all the information to thousands of you who still do not recognize a very serious problem related to BREAST CANCER. Most prevention currently exists in this regard is the AUTO-SCAN and today I want to teach how to do it properly with the VIDEO that I put below. Check it out, is only 3 minutes.

How do breast self-examination


You must put yourself in the mirror to see your breasts. First magazine these with arms hanging freely and then press the waist hands. Finally raise them above the waist.

What do you observe for?

  1. That there is no difference between a breast / breast and another.
  2. That there are no alterations in breast size, shape and contour of each (corns, and calluses nipple retraction).
  3. You see if skin eczema, ulceration ....
  4. Do you have any change in your breasts, nipples or modification of one's skin?

Now lie, because with this position your muscles will be more relaxed and facilitate palpation of the breasts.

If you begin to examine your right breast must place a pillow under your right shoulder and you lift this right arm and place it behind the head at the level of the mouth.


Then, with your three middle fingers together and flat on your left hand, make concentric or spiral motion around your breast pressing gently and firmly with the fingertips in a circular motion at each point you're feeling. The movement should go from the periphery of the breast to the nipple and in the sense of clockwise.


Now it make vertical movements hand moving up and down covering the entire breast. Then make the moves quadrants, moving the hand from the nipple to the periphery of the breast and back to cover the entire breast.


Placed in the same position should palpate the corresponding side armpit. With this we will be discarding the appearance of a strange lump. Move your hand along the arm in a circular motion of the hand. The pressure you exert should be slightly higher than the previous year.


Continue in the same position for palpation of the nipple and areola. Press the nipple between thumb and index fingers. You should see if pressing there is any discharge. Then raise the nipple near the areola to see if you have good mobility.

If you have nodules or any discharge from your nipple, do not panic, because it can be a benign, but you see as soon as possible to consult the doctor for guidance on the steps to take.

As you can see in the video and the brief explanation, self-breast examination is a process that will take two minutes, tops. What are you waiting?


Natural Medicine: Plant stress

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Society & You - Health
Thursday, 16 May 2013 18:06

Did you know that you can change the psychoactive drugs-natural herbs without any chemical with the same results without side effects?


The benefits of medicinal plants vs psychotropic

More and more people favor the use of natural medicine instead of the traditional side effects the amount of which is consumption, even experts begin to more strongly recommend the use of alternative accessories such as medicinal plants for treatment against anxiety and stress instead of psychotropic drugs.

Although there are people who believe that plants have no healthy or property without the "hand of man" anxiolytic effects could not be achieved, the reality is that we have studied plants such as passionflower and have demonstrated its analgesic effects.


Another of the most important benefits of natural medicine and of these plants is that they are not addictive like many psychotropic drugs. Sometimes, the hardest thing is to stop using a drug by the dependence generated and when it must take long-term, medicinal plants we see in this situation.

As you know, I prefer the use of natural medicine rather than the traditional, not something to hide but on the other hand, consider essential to know where we are buying medicinal plants. You can buy on the street or in positions where they tell you to sell a preparation against stress, we must know what we are buying.


Plants anti stress

What plants do you usually use?

California poppy, good against insomnia - Viviendosano


Copa muffino, postre sin gluten

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Society & You - Health
Wednesday, 15 May 2013 11:30

Gluten free dessert, drink muffino. With that is falling, all I want is to drink fluids or eat something fresh. So today we propose a rich chilled dessert to eat anytime.

The recipe is for Thermomix, you know, this multifunction device that allows you to do everything in a very short time and with truly amazing results. If you do not believe try to make this rich drink muffino.

What will you need: 70 grams of Mascarpone cheese, two egg yolks, double cream 200 grams, 80 grams of sugar, 70 grams of Nutella or Nutella, 4 gluten-free ladyfingers and 50 grams of walnuts or hazelnuts.


Put Butterfly and mix the egg yolks, mascarpone and sugar, three minutes at 60 degrees and speed 3. Then you repeat for another three minutes at the same speed, but in this case without giving temperature. Book cold.

Then you need to whip the cream for a few seconds at speed 3 with butterfly on. Withdraw and mix with the cream before using a spatula.

Desmenuzamos the biscuits in the bottom of 4 glasses and add the cream. We keep in the fridge.

When serving, melted the Nutella a few minutes in a water bath and decorate the glass with it and some hazelnuts or walnuts.

Source: Thermomix Recipes


Enlarged prostate What are the symptoms?

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Society & You - Health
Monday, 13 May 2013 13:27

Many men suffer from prostate but few go to the doctor or begin to take action when it begins to appear because the symptoms do not recognize. Do you know what are the main symptoms of an enlarged prostate?


Commonly speaking of "enlarged prostate or large" but the medical name is benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and usually affects men over 50 years, statistics show that typically have more than 50 years.


I selected this video because it seems very representative for these situations, how it can affect the person and life as a couple but we must always keep in mind that no solution.

The main symptom of an enlarged prostate is that they feel the urge to urinate frequently. This can lead to an issue that goes beyond the physical because if it continues it seems that one is condemned to a condition in which you have to discover where the bathrooms of each site you will also affect the relationship, sleep quality, etc..

It is important to always discuss with your doctor to prevent other diseases or causes.

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