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Makeup Tips to make eyes bigger make small eyes

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Society & You - Pregnancy & Parenting
Friday, 19 April 2013 12:00

If you are known among you by the "china", you surely have the little ones oj. This feature is synonymous with e ncanto, no doubt. But if there are days when you want to leave more expressive eyes, makeup can be your greatest ally. There are some tricks of make-up, simple and fast, able to give the eyes more open feeling, much more sexy.

This makeup trick is versatile and adapts to different occasions, from routine in the office to a party without time to finish with friends. Learn, then leave your eyes as magic touch older, ops, makeup.

Start your make-up applying a beige shadow across the mobile palpebra. Later, brown shadow vanishes only in the concave upper eyelid, creating a "cat eye" very light on the outside. Just the clear center contrast with the dark outline that give a sense of depth, leaving the impression of larger eyes.

To finish up, bet on a thin outlined to mark either the root of the lashes. Another amazing resource is applying false eyelashes corners, which are placed just at the outer edge of the eye, looking up dramatically.

With these tricks will earn a look sexy and super feminine. A suggestion to end this make-up: red lipstick!

The eyebrows and the hair can also be great allies to raise your eyes. Although fashion asks thicker eyebrows, small eyes girls should bet on eyebrows thinner and well accented with a bow. Forget the bangs if you want to highlight your eyes, the more you clean your face look more emphasis on'll look.


Do men realize if a woman fakes an orgasm?

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Society & You - Pregnancy & Parenting
Friday, 19 April 2013 11:00

Many women do not get atingir the orgasm or during intercourse with your partner or sexual partner. Given these difficulties, just pretending to climax, afraid to seem "abnormal." Although we know that orgasm is reached when no intimacy, desire and confidence - and that every woman has her pace - Who has never faked an orgasm? Whether by tiredness, laziness, fear of disappointing or all of these factors together.

If this happens to you frequently, know that men are suspicious and they know when a woman an orgasm f inge. Know then some clues that had a fake orgasm:

If man does not know too well, is more difficult to be sure. But if there is some privacy, you will surely notice. Generally, when the woman is highly aroused and get orgasm, the vagina is lubricated enough. So, more screams and moans let go, the man will feel that something is wrong.

Vagina also tends to compress at the time and the man feels orgasm if there is no pressure. After orgasm, the woman usually exhausted, breathless and rigid nipples. If You pretend orgasm and get up super animated to make a coffee, distrust.

Exaggerating in the little theater, as if you were in a porn movie, not too convinced. Screams, moans tall sexy faces ... are signs that you're playing a role and enjoying the moment.

There are men who say they can tell when atinge woman orgasm by her reaction after sex, usually are more c ariñosas, more sweet and tender. If she turns around and goes to sleep, as if only he had fulfilled the obligation.


How to stop most beautiful breasts with bra support

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Society & You - Pregnancy & Parenting
Friday, 19 April 2013 09:00

The bra is the most faithful companion that a woman can have; provides support while we are at work or jumping in the gym. It is also able to leave this incredibly sexy deep neckline. All these effects are achieved if you choose the correct fastener models that offer support without crushing, flatten or harm. There is nothing more deselegante to choose the wrong bra.

The ideal is to have several models bra, after all, we have several types of tops, blouses and shirts. With that you have two models, one dark and one light, normal tops, plus a strapless bra, a tank top swimmer and a bra style which attaches to the neck strap.

Knowing your exact size is critical, it seems absurd that at this point do not know which size to use, but more often than you think. The breast volume changes over time and the model you looked great yesterday, may not be so well today. Tip: buy clothes that fit tightly at the hooks tighter, eventually end up stretching garments.

So testers abused, ruthlessly test several models taking into account the scope of the straps, the size of the lateral flexibility of the supporting fabric and wire, tissue structure.

The straps can not stay very tight to limit tight. The wired should comfortably accommodate fincarse your breasts and skin. It is right that the center of the bra is level to the bone.

Given these simple details to buy a bra, you will learn to appreciate your breasts, big or small, well worth your clothes, often a look gorgeous lose many points for a bra inconvenience.


Yes, you can!, Book na Alejandro Suarez motivation injection

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Society & You - Pregnancy & Parenting
Thursday, 18 April 2013 13:00


Need motivation? YES, YOU CAN!, The new book by Alejandro Suárez Sánchez-Ocaña Encourages the Publisher, Grupo Planeta, is the motivational coaching manual will help you achieve the motivation and encouragement required to meet the everyday problems and to initiate change of career plans and / or personnel are persecuting.

YES, YOU CAN!, Which launches its 2nd edition in less than a month, is having a great acceptance among both entrepreneurs and business and in the whole society.

The book consists of 40 mind-bending pep pills, includes, from the first to the last one, a point of view very own characteristic and Alejandro: active, enterprising, determined and positive, winning mentality.

Each pill starts with a famous phrase and ends with a tweet that encourages the analysis and reasoning on the subject. YES, YOU CAN! thus becomes a manual of motivation to consult at any time and situation.

Some phrases inspiring the author and also thought-provoking

- "Your talent and inspiration possible are absolutely useless without link to an action."

- "Get inspired to find your site. It is sometimes easier to find where nobody looks.

- "Get ready. Are different. And if you see the opportunity to grow as a person and as a professional, the better. "

- "The right way to tackle a problem not worry about him, but take care of him."

- "Are You Happy? The best things that life has to offer are free, are small and are not things. "

- "The question is not do better, but to make things better. Therein lies the real process of change. "

- "There is a case for which I will always be willing to encourage and stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit and enthusiastic indiscriminately: with the children."

If you have concerns, ambition, will power and want to start a change project professional and / or personal, YES, YOU CAN!

You can buy it in El Corte Ingles , Amazon , Books ( book or ebook ) or a pill read the book YES, YOU CAN! Alejandro Suárez Sánchez-Ocaña.

Download the PDF of Capital Magazine: Yes, You! We are looking for people who want to conquer the world.

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