Tips for going to a party

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Monday, 06 December 2010 08:58

Tips for going to a party. Glowing striking at a party and keep heating until the end is the secret of some women than others it seems an unattainable goal. What is the difference? That the first known to perfection a few beauty tips that make all the difference.

Is that to be the fairest of a party is not enough to choose the dress and shoes more beautiful with makeup or combing your hair and especially for the occasion ... there is much more to do. Do you cause laziness? Maybe, but I would think twice because if you decide the results are fantastic.

First, perfect skin and ruddy only will achieve before the big event if you get a good face and body exfoliation. So you'll remove dead cells and impurities, improving circulation and add radiance to your skin. And do not forget to exfoliate your lips with a specific product to Apply lipstick to highlight those nasty flakes by not dry.

Most of the celebrities like dazzle with a beautiful tan, but nothing to spend long hours in the sun to do so. A good self-tanner-to not get dirty, the secret is in the application, comply fully with the task.

Certainly expect to look forward to the party that make special, shiny and beautiful colors. But you thought that none of this will look good if you prepare your skin as it should? Spend the implementation of corrective and base all the time you deserve.

Remember that a good polish does wonders for our hands: in addition to add color to your nails, they add sophistication, sensuality and glamor. Choose a beautiful tone, which highlight and combine with the rest of the look.

"Shiny skin during the party? Yes, but you are perfectly made-up this heinous problem may appear in your face, especially in the area T. Control it with specific blotters, many brands have been developed to tackle the problem.

Never forget to perfume to a party ... Choose the fragrance that makes you feel special, in the neck, behind ears, wrists and between the breasts. If you can, purchase a version carries a small purse or perfumers with more substance.

When you return to your house, put in place an oft-repeated advice and forgotten, wipe his face. Just take away their makeup and any dirt that was soaked after the party. And the routine continues with a good tonic and a light moisturizer, to decongest your skin.