What is the elastic hymen

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Friday, 05 November 2010 08:00

What is elastic hymen? The hymen is a thin, fragile tissue on the inside of the female genitalia.

The size and shape of the hymen varies greatly from woman to woman. At birth, most girls have no hymen, since the tissue divided completely while still in the womb. Sometimes this does not happen and girls are born with an imperforate hymen. The physician should examine the conditions of the vulva of the newborn to confirm that her hymen is in perfect condition.

Before puberty, the tissues of the vulva are generally very fragile and thin. Any activity that these tissues subjected to great stress can stretch and damage the hymen. On certain occasions, there has been the case in young people who have damaged and dilated her hymen to perform various physical activities such as horseback riding, inserting or removing tampons or even masturbate.

In some women the hymen is broken in more than one occasion. Even some are sufficiently elastic to allow the vagina is penetrated, without the hymen tear. This often happens if vaginal dilation occurs gradually with fingers or other objects over an extended period of time.

The hymen or not there is not an accurate indicator that a girl is still virgin. Since only a 50 per cent of women have bleeding the first time.

The hymen does not disappear when something is inserted into the vagina. You can stretch without breaking or tearing . So, curious cases of pregnant women who come to the delivery room, with the hymen intact, so the doctor has to tear it to facilitate birth.