Mammary dysplasia and symptoms

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Thursday, 25 March 2010 08:16

 Displasia mamaria y síntomas

Mammary dysplasia and symptoms. The symptomatology of mammary dysplasia is characterized by pain and the appearance of nodules, and less common is nipple discharge.

The pain in the breasts is the most common symptom, this becomes more intense with the proximity of the rule and is diminishing when the menstrual discharge occurs.

In the case of nodules, these are not always related with the onset of pain or the intensity. In many cases occur in women who have no other symptoms and disappear with the progression of the menstrual cycle, resurgent in the following months.

Finally, the nipple discharge is due to the proliferative and secretory activity of breast involution. When it happens on a particular pathology, stroke pathological spontaneous, bloody or clear.

Other symptoms of mammary dysplasia are:

• premenstrual breast discomfort.
• Feeling that the breasts are very heavy.
• Intense pain and spontaneous.
• homogeneous masses in the upper quadrants of the breast.

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