Advantages and disadvantages of aloe vera

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Saturday, 27 February 2010 08:30

Ventajas y desventajas del aloe vera

Advantages and disadvantages of aloe vera, often do not have in mind when we use natural products as these can cause any undesirable reaction. The benefits of aloe vera are very numerous and not only have to do with skin care, because this plant has the most diverse applications.

Due to its rich composition, aloe vera has great anti-inflammatory and analgesic. The presence of amino acids, vitamins and minerals make it an excellent cleaner of the body and immune system enhancer. But before taking the aloe vera is good that you make sure no allergy to the sap, and if you're eating it, before I do see a doctor.

Although allergic to aloe vera not exceed 1% of the population, can hardly be over if not check you. Apply some aloe vera gel on the inside of your forearm, wait twenty minutes, and if at that time appear bumps or redness, precludes its use.

Aloe vera

With aloe vera intake must be much more careful: you have to separate very well the bark of the gel, and it must be free of aloin, a substance present in the plant laxative properties in the long run can also cause potassium imbalances the body. This is done while the gel cleaning once you've stripped the bark.

Other disadvantages of aloe vera are restricting their consumption in pregnancy and lactation periods, at the risk of abortion, premature birth and poisoning the baby. Diabetics should also be careful, because aloe promotes the production of insulin and cause hypoglycemia.

For use in children, it is better to be over 12 to get started when the body is sufficiently mature to properly exploit all the benefits of aloe vera.

Aloe vera for skin care