Health and hygiene tips for anal sex

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Wednesday, 16 January 2013 12:00

One of the major concerns of women who want to heat the sexual life and test the sex is related to anal hygiene, as well as moral and religious issues.

These ancient beliefs make some people understand this sexual practice as wrong and relate health problems such as hemorrhoids, cancer, fecal incontinence and pain obviously. You have to respect the opinion of each and know the myths and truths related to sex anal.

Then I leave you with some c onsejos health and hygiene to begin this practice safely:

The decision to try sex anal be the couple, both of your guy like you. It is no use trying this practice if you do not want anything. Initiation should be done patiently and slowly, without haste to enter the penis in the first attempt or single sex. So, you'll get used to the feeling, a mixture of pleasure with pain that can improve your sex life.

As for hygiene, we recommend you go to the bathroom to relieve yourself before performing sex anal and avoiding embarrassment in bed. In the shower, clean the area well to ensure that they prepared for the special night.

After sex anal ought to spend for sex vaginal without first sanitizing and l penis or change the condom. Jump directly from one site to another could carry bacteria into the vagina.

The same is true in touch with the lips or tongue, or penis needs cleaning or use protection such as condoms made ​​especially for sex oral.

After the relationship ended, clean your vagina with soap and water, your child should urinate after intercourse to clear the urethra and then wash the penis.

Condoms are your best allies to avoid health problems related to the practice of sex anal, avoid friction, contamination of the sexual organs by