How popping a pimple without leaving a mark?

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Thursday, 20 December 2012 09:00

Before answering this question, I must stress - although you probably already know - that burst, explode and try to extract a pimple on the face or body anywhere stimulates inflammation and can worsen their characteristic red color.

Uncontrolled front of the mirror and the obsession that undesirable environmental remove grain can give your face an ugly scar that will be with you for life. If you still insist on popping pimples, I leave you with some tips to minimize the trauma to your skin and prevent infection or brand:

The first thing to do is take a shower with hot water, steam opens the pores and facilitate the removal of the grain. If wore makeup, wash your face with a cleansing soap for your skin type. Also sanitizes hands to prevent bacterial growth.

Sterilize a needle: wash with a little detergent and let soak in alcohol or hydrogen peroxide for about 20 seconds.

Click with the needle and gently the white of the grain. Protect your fingers clean with toilet paper and gently press the grain where swelling occurs to release the pus. When you feel out a white liquid or bloody, time to stop.

Wash your face again with soap for cleaning and applying a hydrating facial for your skin type. Often skin does not react well to this process and has a more intense red color than before. After some days, the problem will be reduced. Meanwhile, learn also as camouflage pimples with makeup .