What's in a cigarette

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Monday, 15 October 2012 11:00

Qué contiene un cigarrillo
What's in a cigarette. A cigarette is much more than snuff. In fact, it contains more than 4000 chemicals. The mixture of tar, nicotine, harmful gases and chemicals have harmful effects on the lungs of a smoker, the body, arteries and organs.

Here we explain some of the products contained a cigarette, and that together form a pretty lethal cocktail for the body of the smoker.

Nicotine is the chemical that engages and makes smokers smoke again and again. Is responsible for the increase or decrease of neurons in the brain called dopamine and noradrenaline. These hormones decrease rapidly after a cigarette, the smoker is irritable, bad mood and anxiety, which is why they are so addictive and that smoking a cigarette again will return the euphoria and good humor.

The tar when smoked inhaled and deposited in the lungs to be highly carcinogenic, is actually a cause of cancer.

The cigarette also contains carbon monoxide, which prevents the binding of oxygen to hemoglobin in the blood, which causes the oxygen flowing through the body is not sufficient. That is why women smokers are jeopardizing the baby's health.

Oxidant gases are gases that react with oxygen, which in turn causes the blood in the arteries and veins are more likely to clot, increasing the likelihood of suffering a heart attack. Benzene is used to make gasoline.