Adolfo Dominguez nests catalog 2012

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Friday, 22 June 2012 21:17

Adolfo Dominguez is one of the Spanish firms best-known couture women's fashion, but also has children's collections that are ideal for the little ones can dress up to date. In Modaellas we show now the new 2012 catalog Adolfo Dominguez for children.

The collection of children's Adolfo Dominguez has all the fashion trends that in fact can even be found in the Youth fashion and now they even children. The firm has clothes that have all sorts of colors, patterns and designs, but it is also very funny and appropriate clothing for children, both boys and girls.

Adolfo Dominguez children Catalog 2012

Fashion kids Adolfo Domínguez 2012:

  • The children's fashion children's Adolfo Dominguez has all kinds of garments and now we are in the spring-summer 2012, we find from shirts to shirts, to kind of shorts, pants or jackets.

  • Pants: Pants Adolfo Dominguez child is characterized by a good number of jeans and trousers in fabrics like cotton.
  • As for the colors we can find all sorts of pastel colors like beige, as is currently trend as well as other more striking as the reds and oranges.

  • T: Another essential items in this collection for children, and children are the shirts, which although they have drawings of faces or animals as a pattern also follow trends that can never fail and more in summer as fashion navy. Blue tone designs and drawings of anchors, boats, etc ...

  • Shirts: An essential garment for fashion Adolfo Dominguez are the shirts, so you can not miss in its catalog for children, and in fact is not that the other firms that launch children's collections have many models of shirts, if we look at the many designs we find in this new collection.
  • We can find plaid shirts, bright colors, with a "look" or style jeans, white shirts or striped. Designs that seem created for young or for men but adapted for children and also dress can still have their childlike style.

Adolfo Dominguez fashion girls 2012:

  • T: In the girls section of the catalog of Adolfo Dominguez found a good number of shirts, including highlights such as "top" with straps and colors that are ideal for summer as in the pink for example.
  • On the other hand, again the navy is also a dominant style for girls and although we've seen garments for children, predominantly in blue tones, so they choose shades like red or pink.

  • Dresses: An essential garment for the summer, and for girls are dresses. In the catalog of Adolfo Dominguez have them in all colors and styles. We can buy those models in suspenders and cotton, ideal for the beach, or those with floral pattern that is indeed the pattern in fashion this summer 2012.

  • Pants: Also in this catalog find pants in many styles, although we have to choose those who can not stop wearing girls this summer, will either shorts, all kinds of checks and stripes and belts to match, or those who are such as "pirate" and always in this type of children's collections.

Photogallery of the catalog of children Adolfo Domínguez 2012:

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Video kidswear Adolfo Dominguez:

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