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Friday, 08 June 2012 16:16

Do you go traveling and do not know what to carry in the diaper bag? It's unbelievable that something so small need so many things, we tell Embarazo10.com useful articles you need to take in the diaper bag .

Qué necesito llevar en el bolso del bebé

Organize the diaper bag especially the first few months is quite an adventure. Even for a walk close to home you have to include quite a bit. If you have to plan a trip that will include some articles. It depends on whether you breastfeed or bottle-feeding, months of the baby, the season, if it's cold or heat.

Ready for the diaper bag

The first protagonist is your bag, you'll use it much for months, will always be next to baby's stroller, so before you comment on what items are necessary to talk about the bags for the baby.

The changing bag.

Bags are many many brands of some so called Prenatal, Mothercare, Chicco, Tuc-tuc, Magic Stroller Bag, Jané, Tata Batata, Baby Due. Many have a beautiful design and practical addition to being stylish.

When choosing the bag must have a note:

- Make it large enough to carry things

- What is washable, waterproof and can be reversible. The fabric is stain-repellent.

 el bolso del bebé

- Have an ergonomic design intended to be practical. Multiple pockets and compartments, to have ordered or baby things that you carry your own purse. It is important to separate these compartments things baby hygiene for food items such as bottles.

- To be adaptable to the handlebar of the stroller or car seat. They usually take a few snap hooks that fits the baby stroller .

- The tie should also be adjustable, ergonomic

- There are backpacks and bags thermos baby with insulated compartments where you can keep the temperature of the water bottle or a couple of hours. This is convenient for short trips.

Qué necesito llevar en el bolso del bebé

Article list diaper bag

Depends on the time spend outside and the baby's age, if you are taking one breast or bottle or already making porridge. List for an output of about 2-3 hours.

- A bottle to a wall, which can be of your own milk if you out with extractor or formula feeding. If your baby drinks water from a bottle with water.

- Two or three diapers, you'd better about not missing. Babies are sometimes unpredictable

- Pacifiers at least two, if he gets nervous.

- A pair of bibs to avoid soiling the clothes while eating.

- A change of clothes for the baby vomits, seasonal summer clothes or winter.

Qué necesito llevar en el bolso del bebé

- Wipes are always good when you change the diaper

- Cream the water if you usually put between diaper and diaper to prevent chafing.

- Some food for you in case you get hungry, like a cereal bar or some dried fruit. Remember if you are breastfeeding you have to watch your diet especially. Try to eat five times a day less quantity.

- A pair of baby toys, the one you like, will help to calm him down if he cries or gets nervous.

- A winter blanket if

- Sun cream for babies, or shine though the baby is protected by the umbrella apply sunscreen every two hours total protection to protect your skin.

Qué necesito llevar en el bolso del bebé

Ready to travel

- If you go on a trip with the baby in addition to the above list will be included. More amount of diapers, estimates that newborns use about 6-8 diapers a day. If you have more than 6 months 4 to 6 per day.

- Tools for the porridge, the spoon and bowl or plate. If you bring home the slurry can be prepared in a thermal bag that maintain the temperature, some diaper bags also have a special compartment to keep the temperature isothermal few hours.

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