Bottle nipples | ¿latex or silicone?

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Thursday, 19 April 2012 08:25

Teat bottle, latex or silicone does, and what advantages or disadvantages do you have? In what you have.

Tetinas de biberon| ¿latex o silicona?

If you buy nipples for the bottle, you'll notice two materials, latex or silicone, both have advantages and the choice depends on the preferences of baby and mother .. So you can choose better we tell you the characteristics of each material. Both are free of BPA (bisphenol A), a component of some plastics that have negative health consequences.

Latex teats

- Latex is golden brown, soft and soft and flexible silicone.

- Is respectful with the environment. And it is more gentle on baby's mouth.

- However after prolonged use deteriorates and traps odors. The latex is more porous and prone to the accumulation of bacteria.

- Needs to be stored in a cool dry place as heat or direct exposure to sunlight may deteriorate.

Tetinas de biberon| ¿latex o silicona?

- Being a softer material as the baby has teeth can bite it and crack it

- Teats and Pacifiers should be reviewed periodically to see if they've been bitten and replace them.

- No scientific evidence between teats used for bottle of latex and latex allergy, however latex allergy exists and some babies can have it.

If a baby is allergic to latex (and still do not know what it is) and use a latex teat will be a reaction, so you must be careful because there are times you think the baby sat him bad milk bottle and the reason for discomfort is allergy to latex. There are risks of allergy to silicone teats.

- Some research related to latex and risk after a while. Some studies suggest that over time in the latex can be filtered carcinogenic substances called nitrosamíhasas.

Silicone Nipples

- Transparent color are harder texture than latex.

- Silicone is more durable than latex (last three times), does not retain odors and is easily cleaned. Is easier to sterilize and is not porous.

- Your baby will cost you more bite a silicone teat a latex.

Tetinas de biberon| ¿latex o silicona?

- The silicone is so soft on baby's mouth, its texture is more rigid.

- They are heat resistant and dishwasher safe can.

- The silicone nipples are usually more expensive than latex, but the last three times really is much cheaper.


If you are using latex teats seek to control their condition and change them often. If you prefer your child to use silicone but the baby is used to latex can try a silicone pacifier for the baby to get used to the other texture. See alternating silicone teat with latex (until only use it in one take), you'll see that in the end the baby gets used to the silicone.

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