The beauty secrets of Sofia Vergara

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Wednesday, 04 January 2012 09:30

The beauty secrets of Sofia Vergara. Sofia Vergara is one of the most beautiful and sexy actresses, their secrets were unveiled in an interview with U.S. magazine Allure, where Sofia allowed to know some of their intimate secrets to be always beautiful .

What is his training these days?

"I'm not very good with exercise, has never been one of my favorite things. So the only way for me to do this is to have a coach. If I do it alone, I sabotage myself. Working with Gunnar Peterson since early 2011, it's great because there is no thought. We make an hour at least, whenever I'm free twice a week, three times a week and a bit of cardio. "

When he was first allowed to wear makeup?

"I'm Latin, so it's very normal when you're 14, 15, to put some blush, some mascara, lip gloss. He wore makeup, and my mother's watch. It's part of growth for a Latina woman. "

Does anyone Colombia's beauty secret to share?

"I would never be without a lip. I remember my mother always told me, 'Always wear a little lipstick, and then it will be commonplace. And I realize all my friends are like Colombia. "

Who has the beauty that you really admire?

"Sophia Loren, no makeup, not even recognize her."

What is the sexiest makeup?

Great eyelashes. And the good thing is that the mascara is applied and lasts, not like the lipstick that I have to reapply during the day. And I can not live without it, because my lashes are blonde. "

Ever mixed other makeup?

"I can mix based moisturizer so it becomes more clear in my skin for days."

Do you use any beauty product multi-task?

"I have used the lipstick and blush. I have used fillers such as eyeliner, the mascara. "

What beauty products you carry in your purse?

"I always have lipstick. Not much, just the color I'm using. And the glow powder. "