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Trend Alert: The fashion of the crucifixes back in 2013

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Friday, 17 May 2013 11:01

Trend Alert, Fashion of crucifixes back in 2013

The crucifixes were strong trend in the 80s and again a few years later with full force. Who does not remember using a few crucifixes Madonna? Reference also in the Gothic world, these accessories were formerly used clothes and dark colors. Currently, the new trend is more democratic and can be used to complement the most different styles and looks.

If you stop to look at the new collections, some time ago offering crucifixes in necklaces, but also rings, earrings and prints of the garments. What is the proper way to wear crucifixes in fashion?

Well, the fashion trend for spring / summer 2013 big players in the prints nothing understated, from the flowers to ethnic designs. If you intend to use a patterned garment, it's best to choose crucifixes more discreet, not to end up creating "noise" in your vision.

If you are more traditional, clothes neutral and light colors are ideal to emphasize your crucifix, yet unobtrusive. If the idea is to compose a more rocker look, you can bet on black and studs without fear.

The design shirts can also be good companions for crucifixes. If the look is for the day, prefers simple jeans. Lace skirts can be also an excellent choice because it gives a feminine and sexy that contrasts with the firmness that transmit the crucifixes.

If you want to use more than a crucifix, you can, since you act with caution. Though this kind of detail is great in fashion campaigns, in real life can overload your image.


Seduction Techniques: movements and dances that men go crazy

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Society & You - Pregnancy & Parenting
Friday, 17 May 2013 10:29

Seduction techniques, movements and dances that men go crazy

Dancing can be a great resource to heat feminine those special nights next to your partner. We know that men are visual and they love looking at the body of women and even the movements it makes during sex. Exhibicionist for your sexual partner through the dance moves, can be a great way to tease and drive you crazy as ever.

The dance, as well as improve sex life, improve your well-being as a woman, increase your self-esteem and pleasure in bed. If you're cheering with the idea, mind you, then some very sensual dance types you can practice a bit before presenting for your guy:

Pole Dance: the typical dance that oozes sensuality girl clinging to a vertical pole or iron pipe. The dance requires a lot of strength for you grabbed with legs and arms and make the performance. But on the other hand, in addition to drive your girl, will be an excellent excuse to get online.

Belly dance: the body simulates the movements of a snake and is composed of a series of vibrations and ripples in the belly area. The costumes are also quite sexy, long skirts legs that charge, but show no mercy hips.

Striptease: every man dreams of a striptease session made ​​only for the. For this dance there are not many rules, just choose a song to sensual and sexy moves while undressing you slowly. A good trick is to pretend you put away a garment, but leave it in the body that men go crazy excited to see what's underneath.


The benefits of ginger slimming and remove cellulite

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Society & You - Pregnancy & Parenting
Friday, 17 May 2013 09:00

The benefits of ginger slimming and remove cellulite

Every time I read about ginger I am surprised with the amount of benefits offered to our body, especially our beauty. Beyond grandmother homemade recipe to improve influenza, this root is able to help you lose weight, in addition to leaving your skin beautiful, smooth and perfect, with no trace of cellulite.

Ginger, for starters, s removes toxin from our body because it stimulates liver enzymes to work. When that happens the satiety signal occurs more quickly, leaving you more satisfied with less food, which helps you lose weight without sacrifice.

The root also has thermogenic action, ie speeds up your metabolism and burning calories. In other words, prevents calories become fat deposits, result: a much thinner waist.

It is also a great ally against cellulite: has anti-inflammatory action that helps keep the skin smooth, without the dreaded cellulite holes. An excellent juice to remove cellulite beauty: a measure of water, wild cabbage leaves, lemon grass, a spoon of chia seeds and a piece of at least 3 inches of ginger.

Another trick of beauty and s add two tablespoons of grated ginger in a bottle of water and go drinking during the day.

Ginger is excellent for reducing gas, dizziness and has excellent anti-inflammatory action, in addition to get rid of cellulite, also treats diseases of inflammatory origin.

Avoid heat the ginger because when exposed to heat loses its beneficial action. It's best to grate the root and add it to your juice, smoothie, salad, soup, etc..


¿Why Angelina Jolie is Quito sus sines? Mastectomía preventive

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Society & You - Pregnancy & Parenting
Thursday, 16 May 2013 15:00

Because Angelina Jolie removed her breasts, preventive mastectomy

The news of the week was that the actress Angelina Jolie had undergone mastectomy surgery to remove both breasts. The decision was taken to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer futuramente, the actress found that the likelihood that the disease had were great through a genetic test that indicates whether the person carries a defective gene, BRCA 1. Actress had 87% chance of developing the disease.

Angelina Jolie's mother had a history of breast cancer and fought 10 years against the disease. Preventive mastectomy is a trend in the United States, which began in the 90s, though some studies showed the relationship of two genes with breast cancer.

Women who learn they have such genes have the option to prevent the disease. Breast reconstruction also evolves with medical advances and is currently possible to achieve good cosmetic results after breast removal.

Even so, doctors only indicate the operation after excluding all other treatments. There are alternative options such as hormonal therapies can reduce the risk by up to 70%.

The issue is that not all women who have genes related to breast cancer necessarily just developing the disease, which makes the decision of Jolie, in my opinion, a little early. It is true that the odds were great because of two important factors, the presence of a defective gene and breast cancer case in the family, but I'd rather deal with the problem when in fact one exists. Mastectomy is a delicate operation for women.

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