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Saturday, 16 April 2011 10:20

Weird, chairs, creative fashion . If you like things you do not miss the original design of these chairs. aluminum chair with water bottles, saddle horse tail hair, flower-shaped chairs, origami chair seat with Lego bricks in , weird stuff, chairs.


Furniture design is booming, the designers let your creativity fly, test materials, shapes and textures. In style modern innovative designs is betting on the chairs you see are different designs to conventional chairs.

Some of these chairs are very practical, others look like out of a story and there are some that you can look right or upside down and still I can not believe this is a chair.

Rare Chairs

  • Flower style chairs you see in the first picture are the Bloom Lounge Chair by Kenneth Cobonpue. They are made of microfiber, resin and steel. One original and beautiful chair that looks like something out of a fairy tale .
  • Do you like different things?, A chair covered with hair, and also with a ponytail and all. PrettyPretty called and the artist is the designer Degana Kailjo. They are made by hand with horsetail hair. These chairs are very special pieces are limited edition only. Are signed and numbered. Surely those who feel a you will not forget.


  • The chair stainless steel bottle created by designer Pawel Grunert SIE43 called, was created for the exhibition Milan Eco Trans. Many PET bottles were used together in the form of sculpture. The chair is very aesthetic but you'd think it's a chair, do not you think?


A chair as squid, it's a little creepy but it sure is comfortable. Designed by Xiang Jing has been an effect so realistic that it seems that even the seat is wet.


  • LEGO chair. Original, colorful, designed by Mario Minale Dutch. The chair is completely constructed of aluminum and parts LEGO .
  • Used parts are 6% higher than those used in the seat iconic red-blue Rietvedl Gerrit. Thanks to an aluminum frame can sit. The chair is a limited edition as an art project. Is expected to reach between 20,000 to 25,000 pounds.


  • Saddle rare minimalist and practical, inspired by Japanese style seat origami , like a paper bird turned into a chair. Its creator is the Polish designer Jakub Piotr Kalinowki. It is made of metal and can be stacked. Saddle stool with original design also can be stacked to save space.


  • A pink chair that looks like a "trinket tag", presumably the artist wanted to emulate a cactus in pink but it looks like a mutt. Yung Xiang your designer. The design attempts to mimic a kind of hand-molded with silicone cactus. What does it look soft.


  • A rare but surely seat warm. Troll is a chair designed by Ludn & Paarmann. Inspired by the iconography of the trolls and the cold days in northern areas. Used Icelandic sheepskin, leather and oak.
  • In a rustic room in a cold zone can be great, but I see this chair very practical and in any hot weather, can you imagine sitting in this chair in the summer?.


  • Original chair seems based on the rasp of a sardine, or a skeleton. The chair is called Atlas and its creator is Scott Jarvie.
  • The display in the exhibition of design in London. Made of birch strips 4 mm ideal for minimalist decor in the office or a youth room. It has a clear geometric inspiration. The chair looks like the house of the Flintstones.


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