Leroy Merlin 2011 Catalog

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Thursday, 10 February 2011 19:10

Catalog Leroy Merlin 2011, renew your home saving money on Espaciohogar.com


Leroy Merlin is a must if you want quality products at good prices. The offer is very wide and always have promotions and sales.

In times of crisis the love of DIY increases. Change paint a room, or curtains, laminated flooring or to create a theme room for your child. The "do it yourself" finds its fullest expression in Leroy Merlin.

In the 2011 catalog Leroy Merlin are interesting ideas to improve and redecorate your home at great prices.

Help and advice from professionals in taking action, transport, finance, installation. After sales service and guaranteed minimum price, if you find it cheaper to pay double the difference. logolm_thumb[16][7]


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  • Ideas for changing a room .
  • Siding, windows and also pretty isolated.
  • Change the doors of your house and see the difference.
  • Renew the walls of your home. Platelet decorative friezes decorating, glass block, nice and well insulated. Decorative , finished rustic , two-tone effect. shooping . All to change the look of your walls.


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  • Get more usable space at home with cabinets ideas Leroy Merlin.
  • Design your kitchen , many models, practical ideas. Recreate your project in 3 dimensions, advise you to maximize space.
  • Modernize your bathroom , if you change the furniture in the bathroom and put a shower screen can have a bath with him and also better utilized space more beautiful.
  • Save money, be green . Hot water by solar energy with a thermodynamic solar collector (up to 80% savings)
  • Saving electricity with motion detectors in hallways, only light comes on when needed. Connect your appliances in the room to a standby eliminator, you can save up to 15% on the invoice.



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  • Save on heating and air conditioning with insulation in the walls of Leroy Merlin . The wood fiber panels are environmentally friendly and very efficient. Regulate humidity, fungus and can save up to 60% of spending on air conditioning and heating.
  • In Leroy Merlin have services to help you redecorate your home saving. Wood cutting. I cut the table as no additional cost. Preparation of color as if you need a specific color. Customizing carpets, rugs or edging your carpets with the valance of your choice.
  • Framed pictures, mirrors, prints, photographs.


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