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Friday, 14 January 2011 08:10

Shabby Chic, photos, how the style is Shabby Chic?, Photos and video.

Shabby Chic style is created by the decorator Rachel Ashell, is inspired by English country cottages. Shabby means sloppy, Shabby chic, is a rustic, romantic incorporating modern details create a stylish set.

A style where the charm, light, flowers and attention to detail stand out. In Espaciohogar , the Shabby chic.


Shabby Chic Style has the features of rustic or cottage English .

  • Predominantly white , soft tones such as peach, salmon, pink, coral, sky blue, soft green, beige, soft lavender.
  • White wooden furniture. Cottages in the countryside are buying old furniture market which is then restored and painted in white. Hence the taste for old-looking "restored" cottage style and Shabby Chic


SHabbyChicCouh2[1] shabbychic-diningroom-l[1]

  • The furniture-like "pickled" rustic , wood color with different patinas, white, beige, ivory.
  • The Shabby Chic style is very feminine, romantic. Flowers, candles, pink, green chandelier, curtains, small details.
  • Flowers, plants and decorative items. The Shabby Chic needs vases of flowers (which can be freeze-dried or artificial is very well imitated). Ivy, ferns, hanging houseplants. The house is spread in the garden.
  • Shabby chic style is based on the English countryside with abundant green and the flowers. Hence, the flowers and plants are important in Shabby chic decor.
  • In living rooms and bedrooms. The Shabby chic furniture uses white tones, fabrics in floral tones, combination flowers and plaids or stripes in similar shades.

shabbychic-kitchen-l country living shabby chic shabby detalles-decoracion-shabby-chic

Crystal chandeliers or light colors. The lamp table with screens in light colors or patterns (stripes, flowers, romantic paintings in tones)

  • The pictures or illustrations of plants and flowers, chandeliers, fixtures and cabinets with dishes dishes.
  • Tablecloths in soft tones. Duvets and soft colors with floral motifs.
  • Antique details such as mirrors, small tables, vases, candlesticks, photo frames, china plates.

Shabby Chic Style is great for decorating because it uses both ancient and modern elements. Like any style has to fit the tastes of the individual.

The Shabby Chic is an elegant, bright, romantic and cheerful. If you do not fall into excess, and that using both colors white, pink, salmon, flowers and details can be for some people some "cheesy" or "like-pie Wedding "

The Shabby Chic is ideal for:


Shabby Chic shabby11

  • Country houses, farmhouses, bungalows and houses where like the rustic style.
  • Rooms, kitchens, living rooms. The Shabby Chic, any piece of antique furniture is a treasure. Dressers, chests, cabinets, tables, if also incorporated bouquet vases of flowers (roses, violent, wild flowers) even better. 696862395c4591fb0b28
  • Everything can be restored and painted in light colors to be key elements in the decor.
  • In the kitchen, the Shabby Chic gives a charmingly rustic. Furniture in white, English-style buffets with dishes.
  • Rooms not very large, using white and soft tones, creating welcoming environments.
  • Children's bedrooms, the rooms baby or young, with soft tones, romantic inspiration. In infants, including borders with children's motifs, very soft colors. Alternating stripes or spots with dolls or children's motifs. Walls in white or beige, salmon.


  • In the bedrooms of teenagers Shabby chic is the ideal, the tone floral quilts with flowers, very translucent white curtains. This decorative shelf or alternates with modern details.
  • Shelves, a chair with wheels and custom details. Usually like a lot of adolescent girls, led lights (like Christmas) in white, blue around the headboard or some corner of the room. On in a room where predominantly white, soft tones, the flowers, give a magical aspect to the room.

Do you like the Shabby Chic style?, If you want to leave your comment. Thanks for reading Espaciohogar

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